Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Clara BabyLegs

Clara BabyLegs

Who is Clara BabyLegs?

Clara BabyLegs is a webcam model. Clara BabyLegs was previously a YouTuber. She is also well-known for her contentious relationship with another YouTuber, Brandon Ashur.

Clara better known online as ClaraBabyLegs or TheClaraKitty, is a former American Minecraft gamer and vlogger. She originally deleted/private all her older videos about Minecraft, then switched to a fashion video.

Clara BabyLegs- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Clara BabyLegs was born on August 31, 1996, in California, United States of America.

She used to dance a lot as a teenager, taking hip-hop, contemporary, and ballet classes.

She was also very into sports, being a member of her high school swim team and doing a lot of gymnastics, though she never competed, preferring to do it as a hobby.

She eventually dropped out of school because she wanted to focus on her streaming career, but she admitted she enjoyed every minute of her time there.

Despite the fact that her school days were relatively peaceful, she recently stated on Twitter that she was not going to send her children to school, but would instead use online schooling to protect her children from bullying, shootings, and other dangers that traditional schools can pose.

Net Worth of Clara BabyLegs? Salary, Earnings

Clara BabyLegs’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 as of 2019.

She is now primarily focused on her webcam modeling career, so her adult content streams are her primary source of income.

She no longer streams on YouTube or Twitch.

Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Clara BabyLegsand Brandon Ashur shared many videos of themselves doing challenges, such as “CHAPSTICK KISSING CHALLENGE!” Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend with Bashur & ClaraBabyLegs” and “TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE BF VS GF CHALLENGE,” as well as vlogs about their routines and moving.

Brandon posted a video in April 2015 in which he shared personal details about his difficult childhood, stating that he didn’t know his father and that his biological mother was in prison, so he spent his early years with relatives and was living with his adoptive mother at the time.

He also told the story of the pedophilia accusations that surfaced when he was 19, because he had a close relationship with a girl who was only 15 years old at the time.

Brandon insisted that they were not having sex, but the private detectives hired by the girl’s parents who followed him and the girl discovered that they were having a sex-related conversation in the messenger.

Brandon was charged with a Class B felony and was forced to attend pedophilia psychotherapy classes.

Later, he was locked in his room with only his computer to play games on. He spent a lot of time playing Minecraft and World of Warcraft before deciding to begin streaming.

Clara broke up with Brandon after learning about his past, but she later admitted in an interview with the YouTube channel Drama Alert that she was pregnant with him but miscarried.

Brandon never showed up after the story was published.

Clara BabyLegs- Height, Weight, Hair Colour 

Clara BabyLegs has mid-length neon pink hair that she previously dyed blue, blonde, and red.

She stands is 5feet 4inches (1.67m) tall and her weight is 136lbs (62kgs).

Her vital statistics are 36-26-36.

Clara BabyLegs: Professional Career

Clara began uploading highlights from her Twitch streams to her YouTube channel in 2014 when she began uploading highlights from her Twitch streams.

She uploaded numerous gaming videos of herself playing The Sims, Minecraft, and other games.

Clara BabyLegs
Clara BabyLegs Posing for Photo. Source: answersafrica

She also posted haul recaps and makeup tutorials, including “Fairy Freckles Makeup Tutorial” (over 32,000 views) and “Blue and Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial” (almost 30,000 views).

She also shared several vlogs in which she described how she dyed her hair blue and how people around her reacted to her new look.

In 2017, she received a Community Guideline strike on her YouTube channel, which barred her from streaming for three months, as she announced in her vlog titled “WHAT WHAT IN THE… VLOG! Idk,” which received over 450,000 views).

Clara removed all of her videos from her Twitch profile, which still has over 45,000 followers who are hoping to see her stream again.

She stopped updating her YouTube channel in 2019; the most recent video she posted was two years ago.

Clara expanded her activity on platforms such as Patreon, Chaturbate, and My Free Cams Share as she pursued her dream of becoming a nude model.

According to her profile, she began webcam modeling in 2017 and intends to continue cam modeling and creating porn for the foreseeable future.

She is now primarily interested in adult-oriented content and streams on MFC Share on a daily basis (My Free Cams).

She also encourages her fans to send her Amazon wish list items in exchange for her naked photos and videos.

Among the items on the list are various pieces of jewelry, dresses, heart-shaped pots, and so on.

Clara is constantly subjected to multiple leaks of her photos and videos, and despite her warnings to her viewers that she may sue for compensation as a copyright owner, with a fee ranging from $50 to $125,000 or even a year in jail, her followers continue to spread her private content on the internet.

He streamed on Twitch and also uploaded “Let’s Play” videos on Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, and other games to his YouTube channel.

Clara ended her relationship with Brandon after learning about his previous pedophilia charges, which he admitted were true.

There were rumors that after their breakup, they tried to remain friends and even lived together again for a short time, but Clara eventually stated on Twitter that they were no longer together: ‘I’m tired of this being brought up. No, Bashur and I are not together, and that’s all I want to say about it.’

He’s worked with other successful YouTubers such as Sky Does Minecraft, JeromeASF, and CaptainSparklez, and his channel had nearly two million subscribers by 2011.

However, allegations of pedophilia surfaced and grew, and his fans discovered that Brandon had a period in his life when he was officially accused of sex-tipped chatting with people under the age of 16.

Brandon deleted all of his YouTube videos in 2015, never returning to the platform, only posting the video “WOOPS – WHERE ARE YOUR VIDEOS?!?” claiming that he’d accidentally deleted all of his videos on the channel when he was only intending to delete one.

He promised to contact YouTube to help him restore his videos, and he promised to re-upload them all if they didn’t – however, the channel is still empty as of April 2019.

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Quick Facts of Clara BabyLegs

  • Clara is a former YouTuber, who is now working as a webcam model.
  • She is also famous for her controversial affair with another YouTuber, Brandon Ashur.
  • In 2017 she got a Community Guideline strike on her YouTube channel, banning her from streaming on YouTube for three months, which she announced in her vlog entitled “WHAT WHAT IN THE… VLOG!
  • However, accusations of pedophilia surfaced and increased, and his fans discovered that Brandon really had an episode in his life when he was officially accused of sex-tipped chatting with persons who were younger than 16 years of age.
  • Brandon deleted all his YouTube videos in 2015, never returning to the platform, only posting the video named “WOOPS – WHERE ARE YOUR VIDEOS?!”,