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Connor Sturgeon’s Brother Cameron: Age and Net Worth

Connor Sturgeon

Cameron Sturgeon, Connor Sturgeon’s brother, is in shock following the mass shooting at the Louisville Bank. Let’s learn everything we can about the Sturgeons.

Connor Sturgeon was the gunman who killed four people and injured at least nine others in the mass shooting at Louisville’s Old National Bank.

The horrific occurrence on April 10, 2023,

Has left everyone devastated, with many people losing loved ones.

At the time of the shooting, Connor was live-streaming on Instagram, but the footage had already been removed.

Joshua Barrick, 40, Thomas Elliott, 63, Juliana Farmer, 45, and James Tutt, 64, were slain in the incident.

As a result, more information regarding the gunman, Connor, is being sought. So, we’ve gone over everything below.

Connor Sturgeon, a Louisville Bank shooter Cameron, your brother

On February 11, 1998, Connor James Sturgeon was born to his parents, Todd (Father) and Lisa (Mother).

He was not only his parents’ child, but he was raised alongside his brother, Cameron.

Greenville, Indiana is where the Sturgeon siblings grew up.

Floyd Central High School in Floyds Knobs was Sturgeon’s alma mater. His father was a basketball coach at the time.

Connor Sturgeon
Connor shooting video source: WSNC

Connor Sturgeon’s family photo was taken with his Mother, Father, and Brother.

Furthermore, the family of four lived peacefully, but they were all shocked when Connor opened fire and was also slain.

There is far less information available about his brother Cameron, but reports indicate that he is a professional model.

The Age Difference Between Connor Sturgeon and His Brother Cameron

At the time of his death, Connor Sturgeon was 25 years old.

We can’t tell you his age because there aren’t many details about his brother’s birth.

Connor, on the other hand, was the oldest of two children.

Cameron, his younger brother, was so younger than him. The Sturgeon brothers appear to be very close.

Mr. Connor Sturgeon Connor Sturgeon’s Instagram profile has already been deactivated as a result of the incident.

Connor Sturgeon
Connor with his brother and parent source: Youtue

They used to spend most of their free time with their family members, and we can see some family

images on the internet that have gone popular in the aftermath of the bank shooting.

Cameron, like his father and brother, is a professional model who is also interested in something other than basketball.

People are sending their condolences to the Sturgeon family on social media, and they are being kept in their prayers.

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What Was Connor Sturgeon’s Net Worth?

Connor Sturgeon
Connor playing baketball source: Twitter

As we all know, Connor Sturgeon worked at a bank and may have saved a significant amount of money via his labor.

However, the amount he earned cannot be revealed because none of the verified publications have disclosed it.

According to reports, the average yearly compensation for a bank employee is $46,543.

Meanwhile, Connor had been working for a long period and had earned above-average compensation.

Connor Sturgeon, a bank employee, opens the scene of the Louisville Shooting.

Connor was also on the Young Professionals board of Junior Achievement of Kentucky, according to his Linkedin profile.

According to some web sources, Connor was about to be suspended or fired from his job at the bank, which prompted him to create the Fire.

However, it is unclear whether the line is true or hearsay.