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Dani La Chepi Hija Isabella: Who Is She?

Dani La Chepi Hija Isabella

Isabella is Dani La Chepi’s Hija (daughter). According to the photographs posted on social media, the mother and daughter appear to have a tight relationship. Dani La Chepi, an Argentine television personality, actress, singer, comedian, and social media influencer, was born Daniela Viaggiamari.

Dani La Chepi is of Italian descent.

She began her career in the entertainment industry when she was sixteen years old.

While still a student, the comedian was approached about appearing in a Feliz Domingo scene.

Later, she appeared in soap operas such as I Will Survive,

Almost Angels, Floricienta, Rincón de Luz, My Love, Married with Children, and EnAmorArte.

Chepi also worked in radio, appearing on Los 40 Principales, Pop, and El Mundo, where she worked with Iván de Pineda.

Daniela has also been on radio stations such as Radio Belgrano, Pop Radio,

and Radio El Mundo. Daniela also competed in the second season of MasterChef Celebrity Argentina.

She also organizes melodic tango performances and hosts business and social meetings in towns such as San Clemente, Villa Gesell, San Bernardo, Miramar, and Mar del Plata.

(Daughter) Dani La Chepi Isabella

Isabella, Dani La Chepi Hija’s (daughter), has a tight relationship

with her mother and frequently appears on her mother’s social media.

There aren’t many details about Dani La Chepi hija on the internet, but there are many about Isabella’s mother.

Dani La Chepi Hija’s age appears to be between 10 and 13 years old, although this is only an approximation, while Isabella’s age remains unknown.

Netizens like Dani La Chepi Hija express their admiration

for the mother-daughter bond every time the influencer posts photos with her kid.

Daniela Viaggiamari spoke with his program partner El Trece every Monday through Friday at 11 a.m.

about his health difficulties and recent surgery.

She did, however, express how she had spoken to her daughter about the delicate circumstance she was in.

Dani La Chepi and her daughter Isabella pose for a photo.

Dani La Chepi Hija Isabella
Dani La Chepi with her mother source: Youtube

La Chepi stated that she had a lengthy conversation with her

daughter during which she discussed her health difficulties.

On her Instagram account, the author shares amusing videos and photos

with celebrities such as Mariano Martnez, Rodrigo Guirao Dáz, “El Tucu” López, and Pablo Granados.

Isabella’s mother won the Martin Fierro Digital Award for best Instagrammer.

La Chepi has also appeared in supporting roles in the films Ten Less (2018) and La Boleta (2013).

Cacho Castaa and the actress have performed at Café La Humedad.

She and Evelyn Botto worked together on the song “What are you going to do,” which was released in 2020.

Dani La Chepi Pareja is a model. Javier Cordone is a Spanish actor.

Dani La Chepi met Javier Cordone, a trucker and former soccer player,

while filming one of her films with her child during the quarantine, and they began dating in 2020.

Dani La Chepi’s life was turned upside down during the pandemic.

When she was under house arrest, the influencer entered MasterChef Celebrity 2,

where she met her current partner, Javier Cordone, with whom she has a unique love story.

Dani La Chepi hija assisted her in preparing for an important event.

As Isabella manicured her hair and applied perfume, the actress was astounded by her daughter’s actions.

The riddle was revealed in the photograph below, which moved all of her followers: Javier was on his knees, holding a ring in his hands.

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Isabella is pictured beaming with delight at the time,

enjoying the encounter she helped to organize.

“I accept!” said La Chepi as she approached her lover for a tight hug.

“Do it for real,” Isabella said emphatically.

The actress can be found on Instagram under the username @danilachepi.

Dani has over 4.1 million followers on her verified Instagram account and has posted over 1889 times.

The comic also appeared in Manuel Wirzt’s video Loca de mi corazón.

The social media celebrity starred on stage with Ariel Tarico in Noralih Gago’s Dani,

La Chepi de Noche, Final Fight of Comedians, Ella, and other shows.