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Patty Tiu’s Health: What Happened To The DJ?

Patty Tiu’s Health: What Happened To The DJ?

Patty Tiu’s health has been deteriorating. However, the DJ decided to devote her remaining time to assisting individuals in need. Patty Tiu is a popular DJ of Filipino descent.

She has been in the music industry since 2011, setting the tone for concerts and gatherings.

Over the course of the year, the DJ from Manila has amassed a sizable fan base.

She has 233K Instagram followers.

Although she wishes to continue her musical career, a health issue has forced her to alter her plans.

She recently shared a heartfelt parting letter to her followers, family, and friends.

What became to the skilled DJ? Here is the full story about her cancer diagnosis and present health.

Patty Tiu’s Health: What Happened To The DJ?

Few people are aware of Patty Tiu’s difficulties in the DJ booth as they bop and dance to her rhythms.

In the booth’s lowest corner, an empty bucket awaits

Patty’s reach in times of necessity when she must discharge everything inside her.

DJ In 2011, Patty Tiu was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

But, within minutes, she reappears, bringing even more joy to everyone.

Over a decade ago, the DJ was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Since then, she’s determined to seize any chance that comes her way, keeping the turntable rolling.

Patty decided not to take chemotherapy after her initial diagnosis in 2011.

However, the musician has had five surgeries in total. Three of them were significant.

In an interview with Rappler in August of last year, the DJ confessed that her symptoms were becoming more regular.

Furthermore, the doctor advised her that she only had five to eight years to live because her high-grade malignant cells were spreading to a new place.

Patty Tiu
Patty djing source: CNN

Update on Patty Tiu’s Health

Her daily dietary goal is helped with a gastronomy tube in her stomach.

In the same interview, the DJ confessed that she is no longer able

to stomach solid food, therefore she eats soft, mostly liquefied foods.

Tiu further stated that she is frequently dizzy and suffers from chest and stomach problems. Not to mention vomiting blood.

Patty Tiu has recently begun experiencing her symptoms on a regular basis.

She was 22 years old when she found out she had cancer.

She chose not to pursue radiology because she did not want to lose her mobility.

“I regarded it as a blessing that I had already been granted this second life.”

This is the extent of my abilities in my second life.

“I don’t want to burden the people I care about with treatments or even a second opinion,” Patty told the outlet.

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Patty Tiu Has Resigned

The DJ wrote in a passionate farewell statement posted on her

Facebook page that she hoped to devote her remaining days to helping transform the world.

“My body can’t take it anymore,” she said in the note.

Despite her wanting to maintain everything, Patty stated that she has made a choice.

The DJ stated that she has done everything, especially what she wanted to do in DJing.

The performer went on to say that it was time for her to answer her higher calling.

The 33-year-old announced that she will devote her remaining time to changing towns, entire societies, and even the world.

Patty Tiu had recovered from her youth. She attempted suicide as a result of harsh bullying from her classmates.

She was said to battle with loneliness and a yearning to belong and be accepted.

According to the saying, the most injured petals are the most fragrant.

Let us hope that Petty Tiu will share her tale and help many others in need.