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Danny Zayat’s Family Involved In Tatiana Dokhotaru’s Murder Case?

Danny Zayat

People are enraged to learn about Danny Zayat’s family background. Danny Zayat was given bail for domestic violence offenses while the police investigated Tatiana Dokhotaru’s death.

Danny Zayat, a 28-year-old partner, is accused of domestic violence charges.

A Sydney judge who remarked that the court was not dealing with a murder case and that it was the “elephant in the room”

granted bail to a man accused of intensifying domestic violence towards his estranged girlfriend, who is a suspect in her death.

34, in her Liverpool apartment in May after committing 22 domestic violence violations against her over the previous two years.

There are no charges filed against Zayat for her death.

While the suspected victim’s parents blame the police, the man accused of torturing

his ex-girlfriend before she died adamantly refuses to answer questions about their relationship.

Continue reading to find out more about Danny Zayat’s family and other facts about him.

Danny Zayat’s Family Information

The brother of a guy accused of more than a dozen domestic violence-related felonies

lost control after his estranged partner was discovered dead.

He cursed and threatened a Daily Mail Australia reporter.

More information about his family has yet to be published because,

in some crucial circumstances, such information is kept private in order to protect the family’s safety.

Tatiana “Tania” Dokhotaru, 34, was discovered dead inside her Liverpool flat in Sydney’s southwest at around 8 p.m.

on Saturday, over 24 hours after she called triple-0 screaming for help and complaining that her partner was “bashing” her.

Details on Danny Zayat’s family have yet to be published.

Danny Zayat
Danny’s crime news source: Youtube

Her distressed parents, Olga Dokhotaru and Dennis Thievin have chastised the police for their slow reaction,

claiming she would still be alive if they had arrived at her apartment the night she dialed for help.

Danny Zayat, Ms. Dokhotaru’s former partner, was apprehended on the site on Saturday and has since been charged

with multiple charges, including choking and violating an AVO, that allegedly occurred in the days leading up to her death.

He was denied bail in court on Monday, and it’s believed that his and Ms. Dokhotaru’s child,

who celebrated his fourth birthday just hours after his mother’s body was discovered, is now in the custody of Zayat’s parents.

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Is He Involved In The Murder Of Tatiana Dokhotaru?

Danny Zayat
Danny with his girlfriend source: Daily Mail

Danny Zayat, 28, was accused of 18 domestic abuse offenses against

Tatiana Dokhotaru before she was discovered dead in her Liverpool flat on May 27, 2023.

He has not been charged in connection with Dokhotaru’s death.

When he appeared in Liverpool Local Court on Friday, his bail plea was denied,

and the prosecution intimated that more serious charges would be made.

Family members, including his mother, friends, and neighbors, wept as Zayat appeared in court via video link from prison.

Danny Zayat was given bail after being charged with domestic violence.

As Zayat’s family raged and grumbled among themselves throughout the bail hearing,

Tendayi Chivunga, a friend of Dokhotaru, pushed past them as she exited the court in tears.

Outside the court, she told reporters, “Danny’s family were calling me horrible

names as I walked out of the court distraught and crying.”

Chivunga claimed she was trapped in a courthouse interview room after bail was denied, while Zayat’s relatives went “wild” outside the door before sheriffs led them outside.