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Darren Edgecomb Arrested And Charged?

Darren Edgecomb Arrested And Charged?

Following the stunning turn of events, many people are looking for Palm Beach High School administrator Darren Edgecomb’s mug image, as well as his arrest and charging information.

What high school principal Darren Edgecomb done surprised the educational community.

As more information about his actions emerges, it becomes clear that this

once-respected figure has been ensnared in a web of controversy that threatens to permanently stain his legacy.

Many people are wondering if the Palm Beach High School teacher has

been arrested or charged because he has been involved in multiple disputes and scandals.

So, what exactly occurred? What did the principal of Palm Beach High School do?

Find out everything you need to know about Darren Edgecomb’s scandals and controversies.

Palm Beach Central Principal Darren Edgecomb Arrested And Charged?

There is no indication that Palm Beach Central High School principal

Darren Edgecomb has ever been arrested or charged. As a result, no mug shot of the principal exists.

Darren Edgecomb was never arrested in connection with his grade-changing scam.

However, in 2022, the state Education Department penalized the

principal for manipulating the grades of multiple students without their teachers’ knowledge.

In 2019, they purportedly improved the grades of at least 11 students.

An investigation by the school district’s inspector general revealed their behavior.

According to the report,

the state allows for grade changes following report cards in certain circumstances.

The principal may adjust a student’s grade without the teacher’s input with the

regional superintendent’s approval, or the instructor may seek the grade change and offer justification.

Investigations, however, found that Edgecomb’s administration did not include teachers or district leaders.

Years after the controversy, the principal and assistant principal consented

to a one-year probationary period with the State Education Department beginning in October 2022.

Darren Edgecomb
Darren being arrested news source: Youtube

In their report, Greenberg allegedly indicated that he

“changed the student’s grades because there were additional factors where the teachers targeted the students.”

He went on to say, “Teachers unfairly graded the students’ class performance or did not accept the student’s class work.”

In 2022, Edgecomb and Greenberg reached a settlement with the Florida

Department of Education that contained repercussions that were particularly harsh on Greenberg.

As part of the deal, neither Edgecomb nor Greenberg admit or deny the allegations.

Greenber’s educator license was also suspended for a year because he initiated the grade change at the time.

Darren Edgecomb Was Punished For Getting Pregnant As An Assistant Principal

As previously stated, Darren Edgecomb has been involved in a number of scandals.

According to a May 2016 story in the Palm Beach Post, a local newspaper in Florida,

the United States Justice Department charged Darrent Edgecomb with prejudice.

Darren Edgecomb allegedly chastised a pregnant female assistant principal.

While serving as principal at Turning Point Academy, he allegedly engaged in discriminatory behavior.

Darren allegedly demoted and reduced the compensation of an assistant principal, Anne Williams Dorsey, who was on maternity leave in 2011.

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Anne went on to sue him in federal court.

Darren Edgecomb
Darren in court source:Twitter

She said she was replaced by a less experienced male administrator whom she had educated.

Dorsey reported that she received news of her relegation from

Edgecomb while preparing to give birth to twins in a hospital.

Edgecomb’s conduct, according to the Justice Department,

violated federal civil rights statutes because they constituted sexual discrimination.

Federal government authorities sought in their complaint that a judge ordered the county’s

public education system to “implement appropriate and effective measures to prevent such action.”