Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Author TV Star

David Freiburger

David Freiburger

Who is David Freiburger?

David Freiburger is an American national. David Freiburger is most known for his work as an author and TV star on shows like “Roadkill” and “Hot Rod Garage.”

David Freiburger – Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Unfortunately, we don’t know David Freiburger’s exact birthday.

Some sources claim he was born in the eighth decade of his life, in August 1946.

Net Worth of David Freiburger? Salary, Earning

According to reliable sources, David Freiburger has a net worth of over $800,000, which he has amassed via his work in the aforementioned professions.

Freiburger, on the other hand, hasn’t given any information about his assets, such as houses, despite his fondness for chatting about cars.

Overall, he maintains his modesty and is able to financially support his family.

David also generates money by designing hats, tee shirts, stickers, and sweatshirts, which he sells through his own internet shop.

David Freiburger – Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Despite being a public figure, David chooses to keep some things private and keeps some matters under wraps.

The lack of any potential love interest on his social media accounts led the press and fans to believe he was single.

However, we can’t be sure because he hasn’t said anything about it.

He doesn’t have any children, according to reports, but all that counts is that he’s happy and enjoying life, which he appears to be doing based on his social media posts.

His profession appears to be quite essential in his life.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

David’s background is Caucasian, and he has blue eyes, which complement his skin tone.

David has a fit body and appears well put together at events he attends, based on images available on the internet, showing that he invests time and effort into how he displays himself.

Professional Career

Freiburger’s career began in 2012, when he began appearing in “Roadkill” – David is not only the host of the series but also its producer and writer.

He also contributed to the development of “Hot Rod Garage,” “Engine Masters,” and “Put Up or Shut Up.”

He’s had 11 TV appearances in total, and we anticipate he’ll have more in the future because he’s a hardworking and determined individual.

David may also be found on YouTube, where he has a 60,000-subscriber channel.

He earns money as a YouTube content provider by displaying advertisements with his videos.

David Freiburger
David Freiburger also has Youtube channel. Source: Youtube

He released his first film, “Hot Rod Magazine 1966 Buick Rescue Part 1: It Runs After 30 Years,” eight years ago, then followed it up with “Hot Rod Magazine 1966 Buick Rescue Part 2: The Second Day of Wrenching” and “Hot Rod E-Rod Camaro Chassis Dyno.”

His most popular and latest clips, on the other hand, include “Inside Freiburger’s Scrambler!” (120,000 views) and “Update on The Disgustang, the Junkyard 1969 Mach 1!” (almost 300,000 views).

His YouTube admirers are also supportive, frequently leaving encouraging comments under his films – one person said, “I would love it if they brought roadkill back on youtube.”

To summarize, David spends the majority of his days doing what he enjoys: automotive restoration.

Social Media Status

Because he works in the entertainment industry, David is naturally active on social media, which he utilizes to communicate with his followers while also promoting his work.

On Twitter, he has 32,000 followers, while on Instagram, he has 480,000.

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Quick Facts of David Freiburger

  • Unfortunately, we don’t have any exact information about the birthday of David Freiburger
  • Being in the entertainment world, David is naturally active on social media, which he uses to interact with his fans and promote his work at the same time.
  • He is followed by 32,000 people on Twitter, and 480,000 on Instagram.
  • David made his debut in 2012 when he began appearing in “Roadkill” – in addition to being the host of the mentioned series, David is also its producer and writer.
  • David can also be seen on YouTube, as he has his own channel with 60,000 subscribers.