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Eunice Dwumfour: Who Was She?

Eunice Dwumfour

People are looking for additional information about Eunice Dwumfour, the Sayreville GOP Councilwoman who was shot and killed in her car. Dwumfour, a Newark native, was elected to the Borough of Sayreville council for the first time in November 2021.

She attended Newark High School before graduating with a Women’s Studies degree from William Paterson University in 2017.

She had apparently lived in the Middlesex County area for more than five years prior to her election.

She chose to leave her hometown of Newark in order to establish a better life for her child.

Eunice’s childhood ambition, according to her aunt Beatrice Saahene, was to become a councilwoman and help many people.

Eunice had a dream about it. Her purpose was not to obtain power, but to help people and to support the nation.

Eunice Dwumfour: Who Was She? Sayreville Republican Councilwoman Shot to Death

Eunice Dwumfour
Eunice crime scene source: Twitter

Authorities say a 30-year-old Sayreville, New Jersey, councilwoman was discovered dead in her car on Wednesday.

Police discovered Republican councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour with several gunshot wounds just after 7 p.m.

on Wednesday. According to Middlesex County officials, Dwumfour was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dwumfour was shot in her car near her home, according to CNN station WABC.

According to the station, the automobile then accelerated down the road and collided with other parked cars.

The mayor of Sayreville, Victoria Kilpatrick, expressed her sorrow and sadness upon learning of Dwumfour’s death,

noting that she was “taken from us by a heinous criminal act.”

She stated that she and Dwumfour worked closely together on the council.

According to officials,

Eunice Dwumfour
Eunice with her husband source: People

An investigation is underway, and they do not yet know what caused the tragedy.

CNN has contacted the police and prosecutors for more information.

The head of the New Jersey Republican Party, Bob Hugin, issued a statement expressing “horror and profound grief” over her death.

According to Bob, “we will remember Eunice for her unwavering commitment to the community and her profound and strong Christian faith.”

Governor Phil Murphy acknowledged his shock at her death in a statement posted early Thursday.

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Meet Eunice Dwumfour and her family.

Eunice Dwumfour
Eunice family grieving over her death source: Twitter

Dwumfour was a little secretive with us because she hadn’t revealed much about her husband and children to the public.

However, we do know that Dwumfour married in November in Africa.

Her spouse, Eze Kings, is a Nigerian evangelist.

In addition, the couple has an adorable 11-year-old daughter.

However, no additional information about her, such as her name, age, and so on, could be found online.

Eunice was the oldest of five children in a Ghanaian household,

according to several reports, and little is known about her younger siblings.

Dwumfour’s mother, Mary, was unable to speak after learning of her daughter’s death, while her father, Prince, described his daughter’s death as a “huge blow.”