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Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story (Hollywood Horror Film) 2018

Hellfest Movie Cast

Hellfest Movie Cast, Crew and Story (Hollywood Horror Film) 2018

Hellfest (Hollywood Horror Film) Cast, Crew, and Story 2018: Hello there, buddies! I’m going to share some intriguing facts with you. Also, this film is scheduled to be released.

The Cast and Story of Hellfest (Hollywood Horror Thriller Film)

Hellfest (2018) Cast and Crew

She is also recognized for The Night is Ours, Riley, Dumplin’, and Discarnate.

Hellfest Movie Cast
Hellfest Movie Cast Source: YouTube

Her TV programs also include House of Chicken and Scream.

Forsyth, Amy

Amy Forsyth is a Canadian actress who lives in Los Angeles.

She is also recognized for The Path, Torment, and Rise.

Edwards reigns supreme

Reign Edwards is a Hollywood actress from the United States.

Her TV series include Snowfall, KC Undercover, The Bold and Beautiful, and Thicker Than Water.

Courtney Dietz, in the role of (Britney)

Courtney Dietz is a producer and actor in Hollywood.

Also, she is portrayed in Hellfest.

Furthermore, she is most recognized for her roles in Daphne & Velma and.

Michael Tourek, in the role of (Security Guard)

Michael Tourek is a Hollywood actor from the United States.

In addition, he is playing the character in this film.

Furthermore, his films include The Producers and.

Members of the Hellfest (2018) Film Crew

Mr. Gregory Plotkin (Director)

Gregory Plotkin is a filmmaker and editor in Hollywood.

Furthermore, he has received recognition for films such as Happy Death Day and T.

Roberts, Ben (Producer)

Ben Roberts is a Hollywood film producer and writer based in the United States.

His other works include Death and Dolls, Sweet Vengeance, and.

Mr. Alex Ginno (Producer)

Alex Gino is a cinematographer and producer from the United States.

He is also renowned for his roles in Writers Block, Detective Cook, The Break In, and Coax.

Mr. Mark Ross (Producer)

Mark Ross is a producer located in the United States.

Furthermore, his films include Within the Machine, Hellfest, and.

Hurd, Gale Anne (Producer)

Gale Anne Hurd is a Hollywood film producer based in the United States.

She has also produced films such as The Terminator, The Ghost and the Darkness, Dick, Virus, Falling Water, and The Walking Dead.

Mr. William Penick (Screenplay)

William Penick is a screenwriter in Hollywood. Also, he is well-known for Hellfest.

Christopher Sey (Screenplay)

Chris Sey writes screenplays. In addition, his film includes.

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Hellfest (2018) Film Plot

Hellfest’s plot is based on a horror theme park.

Also, on Halloween nights, wanders around the.

Also, he suspects the individuals entering the park.

Yet, park visitors detect anything suspicious in the park.