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How Old Is The Missing Peron Mark Himebaugh, According To Wikipedia?

How Old Is The Missing Peron Mark Himebaugh, According To Wikipedia?

Mr. Jody Himebaugh and Mrs. Maureen Himebaugh gave birth to Mark Himebaugh on May 23, 1980. He grew up in Del Haven, New Jersey, with his older brother, Matthew.

Mark was wearing a blue shirt and gray jeans when he went missing.

In addition, his brother had given him a gray blazer and white sneakers.

Himebaugh’s appearance was notable for the freckles on his face.

His hair was red, and his eyes were hazel blue.

According to his race/ethnicity, Mark is white Caucasian.

He was 4 feet tall and weighed 85 pounds when he went missing.

In this piece, we look at the details of Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance that have reignited the search for answers.

Mark Himebaugh Wikipedia And Age: When Was He Born?

Mark Himebaugh’s Wikipedia page is still unavailable.

However, here’s all you need to know about the missing youngster.

It has been more than three decades since the strange disappearance of Mark Himebaugh on November 25, 1991, in Del Haven, New Jersey.

He went disappeared when he was 11 years old.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood was battling a brush fire near the shore,

which piqued Mark’s interest, and he left to investigate.

Maureen Himebaugh, Mark Himebaugh’s mother, holds his missing photo while still hoping to find him 30 years later.
Unfortunately, this was his last sighting in his area.

Peron Mark Himebaugh
Peron ‘s mother with his picture source: People

The crime remained unresolved despite considerable search attempts,

leaving the family and police with unanswered questions.

Mark Himebaugh’s innocence and curiosity drove him to venture outside

his home on that fateful day to observe the neighboring brush fire that had broken out in the marsh.

Maureen Himebaugh, Mark Himebaugh’s devoted mother, still had little hope of locating her son, who went missing 30 years ago.
Mark went to the coastal village after informing his mother, Maureen Himebaugh, of his plans, and was last seen in a local park at 4:00 p.m.

Unfortunately, he never returned home, and his whereabouts became increasingly concerning.

Mark Himebaugh is still being investigated and sought after.

Middle Township officials were promptly notified of Mark’s disappearance, prompting an extensive search.

An army of volunteers, canine units, and helicopters joined the attempt as the community banded together.

A firefighter uncovered one of Mark’s shoes in a sandy thicket during the search, sparking both hope and anxiety for his welfare.

However, other findings, including the discovery of one of his footwear on the shore, prompted investigators to suspect an abduction.

Suspects in the Mark Himebaugh Missing Persons Case

Peron Mark Himebaugh
Peron Mark missing report source: Twitter

Several people were questioned during the investigation, including Mark’s father, Jody Himebaugh.

When he went to work while others looked for his son,

his actions sparked first concerns. Nonetheless, he had an alibi that eliminated him as a suspect.

Another possible candidate was Thomas Butcavage Jr., a convicted pedophile who resembled a sketch of a guy seen chatting to Mark on the day he went missing.

But, while Butcavage was convicted of molesting young boys, there was no clear evidence linking him to Mark’s abduction.

Community Reaction And Hope For Mark Himebaugh

The Del Haven community was highly impacted by Mark’s absence, and he actively participated in the hunt.

The young boy’s recollection has not faded despite the passage of three decades.

Mark’s family, friends, and the community remain hopeful, hoping for closure or a miracle of his return.

Mark’s mother, Maureen Himebaugh, has been patiently waiting for answers,

hoping that technological advances would one day throw light on her son’s destiny.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used by police to investigate Mark Himebaugh.

Law enforcement agencies have not given up on uncovering what happened to Mark as technology advances.

They have resorted to artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years to help with the inquiry.

AI has the ability to detect patterns and correlations in situations that human investigators may not see right away.

Middle Township Police Chief Christopher Leusner commended the

Vollee team and Microsoft for their assistance in locating Mark Himebaugh utilizing AI technology.

This pilot approach hopes to solve his case while also serving as a model for future cold cases.

Mark Himebaugh’s 1991 disappearance remains a disturbing and unresolved mystery, leaving his family and community seeking for closure and answers.

Despite intensive searches and questioning of prospective suspects, the case has remained unsolved for more than three decades.

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However, as AI technology advances,

investigators are confident that the use of artificial intelligence will provide new clues and insights into the case.

The Del Haven community displayed a banner commemorating

Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance when he was 11 years old (left) and offered a photo after 30 years (right).

While the Del Haven community remembers Mark and supports his family,

the police are committed to seeking justice and learning the truth about this horrific tragedy.

As the search for answers continues, so does the desire for closure.

Only time will tell if artificial intelligence will be the key to solving the long-standing mystery of Mark Himebaugh’s disappearance.