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Is Daniel Robinson still missing?

Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old geologist, went missing in the Arizona desert near Buckeye in June 2021. His disappearance provoked a massive search and received a lot of media attention.

Is Daniel Robinson still missing? Update on the Missing Case

Daniel Robinson, the geologist who went missing in June 2021 near Buckeye,

Arizona, has yet to be located, according to the most recent information.

providing further information on the ongoing investigation into his disappearance.

Daniel Robinson was reported missing on June 23, 2021, after leaving his job location near

Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road. His wrecked Jeep was spotted not far from the job site.

Daniel Robinson
Daniel missing report source: NBC News

Renegade of Daniel Robinson, left; Daniel Robinson.

Many individuals have participated in numerous search efforts since then.

The Buckeye Police Department revealed previously unknown data in the amended report.

Daniel’s cell phone was at the collision scene at about 10:05 a.m. when he vanished, according to advanced data extraction.

The Tempe Police Department participated in the examination of Daniel’s electronic equipment,

which included personal and business PCs as well as an iPad.

The preliminary findings, however, did not reveal any information that could help in identifying Daniel.

The Buckeye police investigators are still analyzing the raw data.

During the inquiry,

Daniel Robinson
Daniel’s car being abandoned source: Youtube

A sighting was reported by a person who claimed to have had a brief meeting with Daniel on the day he went missing in the Hassayampa river bottom.

Daniel’s car systems and electronic equipment produced digital evidence that contradicted the information provided by the reporting party.

The Buckeye Police Department stressed that the investigation is still ongoing and that the material presented should not be considered complete.

They are collaborating with the FBI Phoenix Field Office to provide a case briefing to the incoming Special Agent in Charge, the second briefing with the FBI.

Daniel Robinson’s search has been thorough, with a special three-day search effort. Despite these efforts and the ongoing inquiry, the location of Daniel remains unclear.

What Became to Daniel Robinson?

Daniel Robinson, the geologist,’s fate and current location are unknown.

Despite intensive search operations and ongoing investigations by the Buckeye Police Department,

no definitive information concerning Daniel’s whereabouts or what happened has been discovered.

Daniel’s father, David Robinson, has spent the last two years searching for his son.

He remains resolute and optimistic, believing Daniel is still alive and well.

David highlighted suspected foul play at the area where Daniel’s vehicle was discovered and stated his resolve to keep searching until his son is located.

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Daniel Robinson discovered

Daniel Robinson
Police searching for Daniel source: People

Parents of lost children On September 26, 2021, Daniel Robinson will hold a press conference.

The police conducted extensive searches, and his father, David Robinson, as well as other volunteers, devoted themselves to the hunt.

Throughout the investigation, there were reported sightings and prospective leads,

but none resulted in substantial breakthroughs.

The Buckeye Police Department is continuing to vigorously investigate

the case in partnership with the FBI Phoenix Field Office, investigating any viable leads that emerge.

Robinson’s unresolved disappearance impacted heavily on his family and loved ones, who searched for answers with zeal.

Despite their best attempts, the circumstances surrounding Daniel’s disappearance and eventual demise remain a mystery.