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Is James Mcdonald Married To Katie Mallyon? Dating History

James Mcdonald

People are wondering if top jockey James McDonald married Katie Mallyon. Will James McDonald marry his TV star girlfriend? Stay tuned in to discover. Because of his incredible track record, James has been dubbed the “Muhammad Ali of racing.” In November, he won Australia’s most important race.

Yes, his partner is very supportive of his profession. However, the captivating couple has not yet wedded.

Similarly, the couple may have no trouble tuning in because they have the same victorious spirit for racing.

Their friendship has endured for years, and the two may soon exchange vows.

James McDonald’s Wife: Katie Mallyon?

No, James Mcdonald is not now married to Katie Mallyon.

However, the pair is about to marry because they announced they were expecting a kid in June of this year.

Katie and James are often regarded as Australia’s “golden pair” of racing.

Although Mallyon has yet to marry the jockey, she is the rider’s most supportive partner.

In October 2022, she made an intriguing and sympathetic gesture to the champion jockey.

James Mcdonald
Baby joy! James McDonald and Katie Mallyon become parents for first time. Source: aunews

The Channel 7 racing personality advised her fiance not to miss his Melbourne Cup ride due to the birth of their first child.

It demonstrates that Katelyn’s baby’s arrival will not prevent the champion jockey from competing in the Melbourne Cup.

Mallyon, McDonald’s fiancee, is a Channel 7 racing pundit.

She enjoys the racing and the energy it generates, and she feels the same as the jockey on the track.

Similarly, the former jockey has always been a source of encouragement for James.

She always hopes that her partner will bring home gold and silver championship medals.

Because the couple is eager to welcome the baby, they may not have set a date for their wedding yet.

They’re probably out shopping baby items, and Mallyon wants her fiance to run in the event.

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James McDonald and Katie Mallyon’s Relationship History

The power couple is more concerned with their racing career than with previous romances.

James Mcdonald is a current champion jockey, while Katie is a former female jockey and racing pundit.

Perhaps their shared passion for racing and drive to victory deepened their friendship.

They’ve won a lot of group races and know what it’s like to win.

James Mcdonald
Inside the beautiful £4.9million home with amazing views bought by top jockey and TV star girlfriend. Source: the sun

Mallyon also delivered highly encouraging interviews in which she discussed the hardships she encountered as a female jockey throughout her career.

The former female jockey discussed their relationship and what it’s like to live with the champion jockey.

Despite the fact that their relationship began because of the race, James does not discuss racing at home.

The two are the most determined people who enjoy being fit and healthy for their careers and consider themselves fortunate to have each other.

As a result, the made-for-each-other pair has very little time to date anyone.