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Jeff Mwathi’s Death: Murder Or Suicide? Businessman Jumps From DJ Fatxo’s Apartment

Jeff Mwathi

People are looking for additional information about the Jeff Mwathi death case after the investigation into his death took a new turn on Friday, March 10. Jeff Mwathi died on February 22 after falling from the tenth story of a Kasarani neighborhood house. He died in the residence of DJ Fatxo, a Kikuyu tribe musician, along with four other people.

Mwathi is alleged to have fallen from the 10th story sometime around 5 p.m.

The musician was away at the time of the accident.

Homicide investigators are looking into the death of a young Mwathi.

The policemen conducting the preliminary investigations at Kasarani Police Station were replaced by investigators stationed at the DCI headquarters in Nairobi.

Mohamed Amin, the Director of Criminal Investigations, has ordered an immediate investigation into his death.

The DCI assured the public that the case would be thoroughly examined and that anyone found to be guilty of the killing would face the full force of the law.

Jeff Mwathi’s Death: Murder Or Suicide?

According to detectives who went to DJ Fatxo’s flat, the window from which Jeff Mwathi  is alleged to have jumped had grills, making it hard for an adult to jump through.

Detectives are now considering if the 23-year-old fell from the balcony.

It was also discovered that the CCTV footage from the building did not show the exact place where Mwathi fell.

Only his body was visible in the video as it dropped to the ground.

Jeff Mwathi
Jeff Mwathi died in DJ Fatxo’s house. Source: thesun

However, according to sources, investigators will continue to pursue both possibilities as they attempt to uncover the mystery of how the interior designer died.

A fresh twist emerged after homicide investigators went to the residences to seek information that could be beneficial in the case.

DCI agents went to the DJ’s house and reenacted the situation in which the interior designer’s death was discovered on the first floor.

After Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki became involved, homicide detectives took over the investigation into Mwathi’s murder.

According to Kindiki, the case was sent to headquarters to calm fears of a cover-up.

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Faith Wairimu On Jeff Mwathi Death

One of the two women, Faith Mutanu, allegedly contacted Jeff Mwathi’s lover, Faith Wairimu, to inquire about his whereabouts.

Wairimu recalled Mutanu’s inconsistent information, who had not told her about the awful event.

Mutanu first confronted Wairimu about seeing Mwathi that morning.

Jeff Mwathi
Jeff Mwathi’s two girlfriends show up as investigations into concerning his death continues. Source: Udaku News Kenya

Mutanu then reported that Mwathi had spent the evening drinking with his group, occasionally causing a disturbance.

She gave her original explanation and claimed she’d call Wairimu in 20 minutes once she found out where he was.

She didn’t follow through on her promise to call, so Wairimu called her to find out what was going on since Mwathi hadn’t been addressed yet.

Mutanu, on the other hand, said that Mwathi was spotted leaving the House without his shoes or jacket.

Nonetheless, she added that no one had left the building because doing so required fingerprints from the occupants, which Mwathi lacked.

Unfortunately, no new information about Jeff Mwathi’s death has been discovered because the case is still sensitive, and the police have not released much information about it.