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Juwan Howard’s Brother: Who Is He? Details About his Sister

Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard is the current head coach of the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team and a well-known former professional basketball player. Juwan Howard From 1994 through 2013, the former All-Star and All-NBA power forward was a member of the league. Mr. Howard was selected by the Washington Bullets in the 1994 NBA draft.

The former basketball superstar had a successful playing career.

Juwan began teaching as an assistant coach for the Miami Heat in 2013, after finishing his playing career.

Juwan Howard has lately gained attention because the Orlando Magic selected his son Jett Howard in the NBA Draft 2023.

Many people are now interested in learning more about the former NBA star’s family, including his parents and brothers. Here’s everything we know so far.

Juwan Howard’s Brother: Who Is He? Details About My Sister and Family

Juwan Howard, the head coach at Michigan, has no siblings.

Many individuals are looking for information on Howard’s parents and siblings in order to discover more about his early life and upbringing.

As previously indicated, the former basketball star has no siblings.

Juwan Howard
Former NBA star Juwan Howard doesn’t have any siblings. (Image Source: NCAA)

He does, however, have a few relatives, two of whom he grew up with.m

Despite being his parent’s only child, he is estranged from his biological parents.

Many people could have assumed that given his talents and success in the league, he grew up surrounded by the affection and support of his mother and father.

His story, though, is unique.

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Jannie Mae Howard, Juwan Howard’s grandmother, raised him

Furthermore, the legendary basketball coach was nurtured by his grandmother, Jannie Mae Howard.

Juwan Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois, on February 7, 1973, to Helena and Leroy Watson Jr.

Juwan’s mother was only 17 years old (a high school junior) when she became pregnant with him.

Helena met the former NBA star’s biological father while working at a Chicago restaurant.

Leroy Watson Jr. had recently returned from the Army and was working for a phone company in Chicago at the time.

Howard’s birth parents married soon after learning they were going to be parents.

But Helena, a 17-year-old high school junior, didn’t want to be burdened or constrained by having a child.

Juwan Howard
Michigan head coach Juwan Howard was raised by his grandmother, Jannie Mae Howard. (Image Source: People)

Juwan was supposedly kept in a drawer at Jannie Mae Howard’s house for the first week of his life by Helena. Jannie Mae later adopted Juwan.

Furthermore, Juwan Howard’s biological father desired that he be named Leroy Watson III.

His grandmother, on the other hand, was opposed to the notion and insisted on “Juwan Antonio Howard.”

Although Helena paid Juwan visits on occasion, he was not close to her.

Juwan’s mother lived in Chicago and his father in Atlanta when he was drafted by the Washington Bullets in 1994.

Nonetheless, Juwan grew up surrounded by his grandmother’s love and care.

Juwan’s grandmother has a large impact on his life.

Michigan’s head coach thrived under his grandmother’s teaching and influence, becoming her pride and delight.

Unfortunately, Juwan’s grandma died three years before his NBA selection.

Juwan Howard remarked after reaching an agreement with the Bullets, “Thank you, God, and my grandmother, who I know is looking down.”

Juwan Howard signed a ten-year, $41 million contract with the Washington Bullets in 1994.