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Katy Perry Controversy and Scandal: What Did She Say to A Young Mom?

Katy Perry

The Katy Perry controversy involving young mothers has been the talk of the town. If you’re here to learn more about it, keep reading until the conclusion. Katy Perry is undoubtedly America’s best singer, having been in the spotlight since 2001 and releasing countless hit songs.

Roar, Dark Horse, One of the Boys, and Teenage Drama are some of her best-known tracks.

She is also well-known for her role as a judge on American Idol, which she began in 2018 during the 16th season.

Being in the spotlight frequently leads to controversy.

Similarly, Perry is currently facing blowback from American Idol followers on social media.

Let’s find out what’s causing the uproar.

On American Idol, what did Katy Perry say to a young mother?

Sara Beth Liebe responded to a joke Katy Perry made about being a young mom shortly after her audition for American Idol aired.

Sara mentioned during the audition that she was the mother of three children.

Katy was stunned by the announcement, and she stood up and slowly melted onto the judges’ desks.

Katy Perry
Sarah Beth Quits ‘American Idol’ After “Mom-Shaming” Joke. Source: Deadline

“If Katy lays on the table,” Sara replied, “I think I’m going to pass out.”

Katy responded, “Honey, you’ve been lying on the table too much.”

Katy Perry Scandal and Controversy Explained

Katy Perry, an American Idol judge, became embroiled in the debate after trading her alleged humiliation for support.

Sara Beth Liebe recently called Katy out for mom shaming following her round audition performance.

She suffered from being apart from her three children during the singing competition’s Hollywood Week on a recent episode of American Idol.

Sara was able to power through an incredible rendition of The Police’s Roxanne, but before the judges could offer their feedback, Sara had news to make.

Sara stated that the performance was her final because her heart was at home.

Katy agreed when Luke Bryan termed Beth’s decision a mistake.

Sara’s decision was also lamented by Katy, who commented, “Man, that sucks.”

Sara had accused Perry of mom-shaming at her audition weeks before.

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On TikTok, a young mother discussed mom shaming.

As we all know, Katy Perry’s remark about young mom Sara Beth Liebe drew backlash. Sara also discussed the incident on TikTok.

She posted a TikTok video in which she stated that the comment was embarrassing on television.

Katy Perry
Young Mother Sara Beth Leibe talked about the incident that happened on American Idol. Source: TikTok

She stated that being a mother and a lady are both difficult.

Sara is also receiving a lot of help from other ladies and mothers.

As a result, she thanked everyone for their support in the video.

TikTok is where you can find the video. Sara can be found on TikTok as @sarabethliebe, where she has over 204.6k followers.

Her handle showcases her life as well as her singing abilities.

Judge Perry has not commented on the matter since Sara’s TikTok answer.