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Kelly Wilkinson’s Children: How Many Do She Have? Her Husband

Kelly Wilkinson

Two years after their mother died, Kelly Wilkinson’s children have found hope and a new home. Examine their route to a brighter future. Kelly Wilkinson was a Gold Coast mother who passed away in April 2021. Her estranged husband, Brian Earl Johnston, allegedly murdered her by dousing her in gasoline and setting her on fire in the backyard of their Arundel home.

Kelly’s three young children, aged two to nine, were present during the incident.

Brian Earl Johnston, Kelly Wilkinson’s husband

Brian Earl Johnston was Kelly Wilkinson’s husband.

Kelly’s life was cut short in April 2021 when she was found dead in an unexpected manner at her Gold Coast home.

According to reports, Brian doused her with gasoline and set her on fire in the garden.

After the incident, Brian was discovered nearby with severe burns to his hands and airway, and he was charged with Kelly’s murder.

Kelly’s three children were present at the alleged incident.

Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson with her husband. Source: The West Australian

They witnessed the horrific act and suffered greatly as a result.

Brian Earl Johnston has been charged with Wilkinson’s murder and is being kept in custody pending trial.

The case drew widespread attention to the issue of domestic abuse in Australia, emphasizing the need for improved victim help and resources.

Following the tragedy, the community’s efforts to build a new home for Kelly’s children and extended family provided them with a fresh start and hope for a better future.

As the investigation and legal proceedings advanced, the community rallied to support Kelly’s children.

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Meet the Three Children of Kelly Wilkinson

When Kelly Wilkinson’s three children, aged two to nine, were cruelly murdered in April 2021, they suffered terrible grief.

Danielle Carroll and her husband, Rhys, took immediate care of the children after Kelly died.

Danielle and Rhys, together with their five children, accepted Kelly’s children into their home, resulting in a family of ten.

Despite the challenges of living in a four-bedroom house, the couple lavished love on the children and established a safe and supportive environment.

Recognizing the Carroll family’s and Kelly’s children’s suffering, businesswoman Tamika Smith made a remarkable act of kindness.

The “I Stand With Kelly” ad was produced by Tamika Carroll, the creator of My Bella Casa and Top 100 Women and a Carroll family member.

Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson’s Family. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

She sought to rally the community around the Wilkinson children in their hour of need.

An unnamed donor generously supplied the much-needed property, and the well-known construction company Metricon generously donated a complete home.

Despite the construction industry’s difficulties at the time, the dedicated team of builders and volunteers worked tirelessly for nearly two years to make the dream of a new house a reality.

The fully furnished seven-bedroom mansion on the Gold Coast’s outskirts was ultimately built after much hard work and dedication.

Family unveiled their new house on a happy Tuesday night.

The kids, who had spent the previous year watching the house grow from a bare slab of concrete, were ecstatic.