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Lindsey Gleiche, the pilot of a Cessna C550, was killed in the crash.

Lindsey Gleiche

A Cessna C550 plane disaster in Southern California killed six persons. This article provides information about one of the crash fatalities, Lindsey Gleiche.

Six persons, including the pilot, were aboard a Cessna C550 light jet.

A corporate jet flying from Las Vegas collided near French Valley Airport.

The corporate jet took off from Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport at approximately 3:15 a.m., bound for French Valley Airport.

The NTSB’s Eliott Simpson revealed at a press conference on Saturday,

“The pilot notified air traffic control that he was going to make a missed approach, which generally occurs when the pilot can’t see the runway.”

Similarly, Elliott, an aviation investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board,

stated in the same news conference that the deceased passengers and pilot were all adults.

The persons were subsequently identified to be Abigail Tellez-Vargas, Riese Lenders,

Manuel Vargas-Regalado, Lindsey Gleiche, Alma Razick, and Abraham Razick.

Lindsey Gleiche, a passenger on a Cessna C550, was killed in a plane crash.

Lindsey Gleiche has no Wikipedia page.

She was killed in a jet crash near French Valley Airport, 85 miles (137 kilometers) south of Los Angeles.

Lindsey was 31 years old when she died, according to the Riverside County sheriff’s-coroner’s office.

However, the precise specifics surrounding her birth date are uncertain.

Similarly, no information about her professional life has been made available.

However, she was supposedly on a business trip, prompting conjecture that the lady was an entrepreneur.

Lindsey Gleiche, 31, of Huntington Beach, was one of the fatalities of the July 8 Cessna C550 disaster.

Because the woman was recognized as a Huntington Beach resident,

she most certainly obtained her education from a prestigious California university.

Lindsey died on July 8, 2023, in a plane disaster.

Lindsey Gleiche
Place where Lindsey died source: Twitter

She was on board a plane with five other people when it crashed at French Valley Airport after the pilot failed to land due to severe fog.

Along with Gleiche, there were two married couples and the pilot, 25-year-old Riese Lenders.

Ibrahem Razick, 46, and his wife Alma, 51; Manuel Vargas-Regaldo, 32,

and his wife Abigail Tellez-Vargas, 33, were the couple.

The crash of a single-engine Cessna 172 in the airport’s parking lot shortly after takeoff on Tuesday,

killing one of the four people on board, was the airport’s second fatality in less than a week.

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Lindsey Gleiche’s Family Mourns Her Death in a Cessna C550 Plane Crash

Lindsey Gleiche’s death in Huntington Beach has completely devastated her family.

The Gleiche family would prefer privacy at this time while they grieve Lindsey’s death.

As a result, the identity of her family, including her parents, has not been exposed to the public or even the media.

Similarly, neither the Gleiche family nor the California community have published information about her obituary.

The Gleiche family is devastated by Lindsey’s death in a plane catastrophe.

As they cope with this tragic loss, her family, friends, and the Huntington community will find solace in memories of her wonderful life.

As previously stated, the lady was murdered in a plane crash on Sunday morning.

Lindsey Gleiche
Lindsey last photo before her death source: Daily Mail

The pilot of a small plane crashed 500 feet from a runway in California after alerting air traffic

control that he couldn’t see the landing strip owing to excessive fog. Six persons were on board, including Lindsey.

A Cessna C550 Citation was attempting to land at French Valley Airport,

midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, at about 4.15 a.m. on Saturday.

Despite this, the pilot was unable to see the runway owing to fog.

The plane attempted an aborted landing, missed the runway by about 500 feet, crashed, and caught fire, killing everyone on board.