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Luise Frisch Tiktok, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, was stabbed to death.

Luise Frisch

The video of Luise Frisch Tiktok has gone viral; she is seen in it with two of the suspects in her murder. Just hours after Frisch’s body was discovered, a Tiktok video purportedly made by the 13-year-old suspect shows her dancing.

Two 12-year-old Luise’s friends have claimed to be suspects in her murder, although there has been little information about them.

Three of them were observed laughing and enjoying having Luise while holding an iced tea together.

Frisch, Luise Tiktok: A 12-year-old schoolgirl was slashed to death.

Luise Frisch, a 12-year-old girl, was sadly stabbed to death; according to the report, she was stabbed 32 times.

Her body was discovered in a quiet wooded area in Freudenberg, Germany.

Frisch was a victim of bullying; several bad individuals at her school bullied her, but she never brought it up with her parents as a major issue.

She was also viciously beaten in the head with a stone; her head was wrapped in a plastic bag full of blood.

She was still alive when she was tossed down the embankment, according to a medical report.

The investigation is still underway, and police are attempting to gather as much information as possible.

The parents of the 12-year-old girl are waiting for justice,

Luise Frisch
Luise death news source: Youtube

and many locals have been praying and supporting her parents.

As a tribute, floral arrangements and candles were left at the site where Luise’s body was discovered last week.

Frisch’s neighbor overheard the talk, and one of them stated,

‘We used to see virtually every day. She was sweet and innocent, just like any other girl her age.’

She was polite and kind to everyone in her class, as well as her neighbor and teacher. They mentioned how innocent she was.

People are still stunned by the news of her murder; she was stabbed 32 times and was still alive when her body was discarded.

Who murdered Luise Frisch?

The murder of Luise horrified the public once more; police revealed that two of her dearest friends were implicated in the crime.

Before her body was discovered, one 12-year-old suspect and another 13-year-old suspect did not try to claim that they were the murderer.

However, police announced this weekend that she had divulged information regarding stabbing her and tossing her body.

The reason for Luise’s death has not been revealed, however sources have stated

that it was an issue of a boy, which may not be correct because police have not revealed the reason for her death.

Luise Frisch
Luise’s body being search by FBI source: Twitter

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Two girls, one 13 and the other 12 have admitted to the terrible murder of Luise.

The suspects’ identities have not been disclosed, however, the 12-year-old suspect lived with her parents, grandfather, and two siblings.

As both of her parents worked, she frequently stayed with her grandparents and was seen having lunch with them.

The 13-year-old suspect lives with her parents, who are both firefighters. She spends a lot of time with her mother.

Speaking with the suspect’s neighbor, they stated that they appeared innocent and had no idea they would be implicated in a murder.

‘It’s just so tough to understand,’ one of them added. They’re all just kids.’

While the two girls will not face criminal charges because of their age,

it has been found that they may still be held liable under civil law and must pay Luise’s bereaved family.