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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler’s Relationship

Matt Roloff

The current talk of the town is Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler. Learn about Matt’s most recent romance, his children, his family, and much more. Matthew James Roloff, popularly known as Matt Roloff, is a TV personality, author, farmer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker from the United States.

He is likely best remembered for his appearance in the TLC reality show Little People, Big World, which documented the Roloffs’ daily lives.

According to the TLC episode, Matt was born with diastrophic dysplasia, a progressive dwarfism.

Caryn spent eight years as the pumpkin patch’s manager behind the scenes. It fueled the rumors of cheating.

Because Matt is a millionaire, she has even been accused of being a gold digger. However, none of it appears to have an impact on her or the relationship.

Matt’s marriage to Amy ended in 2014, and he has been happily dating his current partner since then.

Matt has been working hard to care for the family farm while also making time for love.

Caryn also had a rough divorce,

which startled fans. She has been married to Joseph Chandler for 20 years and they have two children, a son and a daughter.

As of now, the couple, who appear to have many interests, appears to be doing well.

TLC viewers want to know if Matt has any plans to remarry. They will recall that he originally stated that marriage would not be considered until 2022.

Caryn once wrote to a curious follower that she and Matt were not in a hurry and were “enjoying life.”

While there has been no mention of engagement or marriage, the happy couple did

purchase a retirement house in Arizona and have made frequent travels to the sunny climate.

Meet Matt Roloff’s Family And Children

Matt Roloff
Matt with his wife source: Youtube

Roloff was born in San Francisco, California to Ron and Peggy Roloff and appears frequently on Little People, Big World.

His parents and older sister, Ruth, are both of ordinary height.

Matt’s younger brother Sam, on the other hand, has diastrophic dysplasia and walks with crutches.

Joshua, his middle brother, was born with a severe cardiac abnormality and died in 1999 at the age of 34.

Amy Jo Roloff (m. 1987-2016) was Matt Roloff’s wife.

Amy is a television personality, author, and motivational speaker, just like her ex-husband.

She also works as a baker.

The couple met at a Little People of America convention in 1987,

were engaged soon, and married on September 12, 1987.

They announced their separation in March 2014,

after 27 years of marriage, and their divorce was formalized in May 2016.

The couple has four children:

Matt Roloff
Matt with his son source: People

Jeremy and Zachary, 33-year-old fraternal twins, Molly, 30 years old, and Jacob, 26 years old.

Matt, Amy, and their son, Zachary/ Zach, all have dwarfism and, like his mother, have achondroplasia.

The other three kids are all about the same height.

Amy found love again when she married Chris Marek on August 28, 2021.

They married on the property where she had previously lived with Matt.

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 Salary According to Celebrity Net Worth,

Matt Roloff will have a net worth of $6 million in 2023.

He is well-known for his work as a farmer, businessman, television personality, and book.

Matt, who has diastrophic dysplasia, has benefited from his appearance on the TLC reality show Little People,

Big World (2006-present), which portrays the Roloff family and their struggles with dwarfism.

Matt Roloff is asking $4 million for the family farm.

In 1990, the Roloffs purchased a fixer-upper farmhouse in Helvetia,

Oregon, and established the phenomenally successful Roloff Farm.

Matt has also appeared in the films Under the Rainbow and Star Wars: The Battle for Endor.

He has also worked as a computer programmer for various Silicon

Valley corporations and has other businesses such as Direct Access Solutions.