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Who Are Matt Edmondson’s Parents? Meet Kate Arnell

Who Are Matt Edmondson’s Parents? Meet Kate Arnell

Many people are curious about Matt Edmondson’s parentage. Read the article to learn about his mother, Lesley, and father. Find out more about his sister Kate Arnell. Matt Edmondson is a well-known British radio and television presenter, writer, and producer who has worked for BBC Radio 1 and ITV2.

In addition to his radio and television work, Edmondson is a writer and producer.

Make Me Prime Minister (2022), Partners in Rhyme (2017), and TV Od (2014) are among his credits.

Similarly, Edmondson has been hosting a weekend afternoon program on BBC Radio 1 with Mollie King from 1-4 pm on Fridays through Sundays since 2018.

Matt has also spent the last decade professionally gathering Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and has built an OSINT course that he has delivered to law enforcement and government personnel all over the world.

Edmondson was also a contributor to The X Factor magazine and appeared in Skepta’s music video for “Make Peace Not War.”

Kate Arnell is Matt Edmondson’s sister.

Matt Edmondson’s sister, Kate Arnell, is a television presenter, environmental blogger, YouTuber, and writer.

Kate was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England in 1983, and she is most known for her work on MTV and CBBC.

Matt’s sister worked as a radio host for Pure FM and the University of Portsmouth’s student radio station while studying Media Studies.

In 2006, she was picked after a nationwide search to anchor The Loaded Hour on Freeview channel TMF, which was sponsored by Loaded magazine.

Matt Edmondson
Matt Edmondson with his friends. Source: Twitter

Kate now hosts TMF Live, TMF Kicks, and Totally Boyband Live on sibling networks MTV and Q the Music.

In 2008, Arnell co-starred with JK and Joel in the CBBC show Hider in the House.

They also hosted the Teen 24 show on the BBC News channel.

Arnell also created a YouTube channel called “Eco Boost” in 2015.

On her YouTube channel, she educates her audience about zero-waste living, organic fashion, and eco-friendly alternatives.

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Who Are Matt Edmondson’s Parents?

Matt Edmondson was born on December 27, 1985, in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

His mother’s name is Lesley, while his father’s identity has not been revealed.

Although no additional information is available about Matt’s mother, he disclosed on Twitter in 2020 that his father committed suicide when he was 22.

In addition, his father was an alcoholic with bipolar disorder.

Matt’s father’s drinking has been an issue since he was a child, and as a result, as he grew older, they clashed and stopped speaking.

Matt Edmondson
Matt Edmondson posing for a photo. Source: Pop Scoop

They had patched things up by the time Matt reached maturity, and Matt introduced his father to AA meetings months before his death.

Furthermore, after his father died, Edmondson wrote a song about him that he claimed flowed out of him in about 15 minutes and was a really healing experience.

“Your Car” is a song about Matt’s last encounter with his father, who was parked in his car outside Matt’s house.

Matt has stated that he was unable to completely grieve or forgive his father because of the way in which he died.