Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

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Meet the Parents of Maxine Wahome: What are Maxine and Jimmy Wahome?

Maxine Wahome

Because Maxine Wahome is a current Kenyan racing driver and former motocross rider, many are wondering about her father. Maxine Wahome started competing in autocross before moving on to motocross. She made her debut at the Naivasha Safari Rally in June 2022 and won the WRC3 title. Waigwa Murage, the co-driver, coached her.

She won the first Lioness Rally, which will be held in Kasarani in March 2022.

Her movements were directed by Safina Khan.

Asad Khan was brought to the hospital after suffering serious blood loss from his Achilles tendon.

Bail was used to release her. GBV activists asked on social media that Safaricom PLC and Betika stop funding them.

Celebrities being in the news for the wrong reasons has become more regular.

Maxine Wahome’s Father, Jimmy Wahome, and Mother are all unknown.

Jimmy Wahome, Maxine Wahome’s father, is a former rally driver.

Unfortunately, no other information about him was obtained, as Jimmy appears to be somewhat secretive about his data.

Similarly, Maxine has yet to divulge any information about her mother to her admirers, such as her name, age, occupation, and so on, thus no additional information about her has been discovered on the internet.

Maxine has also not revealed anything about her siblings.

Maxine Wahome is posing for the photo. Source: Business Today

She hasn’t posted a single photo of her family on social media platforms like Instagram, therefore no information about them is available.

She regularly shares photographs of herself and her rally truck on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @maxine_wahome_rally.

She has almost 2,000 followers and appears to be fairly active, as she frequently updates her page.

Unfortunately, no other information regarding Maxine’s Father was obtained, as Jimmy appears to be somewhat guarded with his data.

Is the lover of Maxine Wahome still alive?

Maxine Wahome’s boyfriend, on the other hand, is still alive and being treated at Avenue Hospital.

He was brought to Nairobi Hospital after the incident before being treated in Avenue.

Maxine had been living with Khan for a while before assaulting him at his home.

Wahome Khan, Khan’s girlfriend, was apprehended on December 12 at her Kilimani home after Adila Khan, Khan’s brother, reported the event.

Despite the fact that the victim is deserving of justice, she was released on cash bail of KSh. 100,000.

When the death rumors began, he was supposedly in a coma, but his parents later stated that he was still alive and battling for his life.

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Maxine Wahome’s Net Worth

Maxine appears to be a little tight-lipped about her personal details, such as her net worth, as the racer has yet to share much information on the subject with her fans.

Maxine Wahome’s net worth is predicted to hit $500,000 by 2023, according to many publications.

However, the racer herself has yet to confirm this information.

Maxine Wahome is a current Kenyan racing driver. Source: Nomad Africa

Despite having a successful business, Maxine seemed to enjoy spending her money on things other than her car.

She has yet to post a single image of herself wearing expensive apparel, designer shoes, or other accessories on social media.