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Nick Oakes: Who Is He? Bradlyn Oakes’ Husband and Net Worth

Bradlyn Oakes

Nick Oakes is Bradlyn Oakes’s husband. They’ve been married for a few years. Is the couple’s family complete? Bradlyn Oakes is a Canadian radio and television meteorologist. She is well-known for her weather forecasting appearances on CTV News. She is well-known for hosting podcasts as well as being a weather forecaster.

In her nearly ten-year career, the television personality has amassed enormous fame.

Aside from her professional life, her followers all around the world are interested in her personal life.

Nick Oakes, her husband, is the love of her life.

But just who is Nick Oakes? Meet Bradlyn’s spouse in today’s brief section.

Bradlyn Oakes’s Husband

Bradlyn Oakes and Nick Oakes are a happy couple.

The devoted pair tied the knot in January 2019.

Since then, the Oakes have been together.

They haven’t had a child yet.

The stunning pair walked down the aisle in front of their parents and relatives.

The couple’s shared love of mountains and travel was also essential in their marriage.

Wedding photos for the Oakes were taken in Banff, Alberta.

Bradlyn Oakes
Bradlyn Oakes posing for a photo. Source: Twitter

Their photograph is breathtaking.

It’s wonderful to see the bride and groom standing on a snowy mountain, laughing and enjoying the breeze.

The meteorologist’s wife appears to be a firefighter.

However, it is uncertain whether Nick is still working or has moved on.

Furthermore, Bradlyn and her husband never seem to forget to wish one another well on special occasions.

They also travel frequently and have shared many memories.

We wish the lovely couple an eternal partnership full of love and support.

In one of her blog posts, the CTV News employee described herself as a travel aficionado.

Her experience in Sydney, she adds, taught her that she is not a city girl.

“In the middle of nowhere, with a camera in my hand and my backpack on, I feel more like myself.” “I need some fresh air and exploration,” said the weather forecaster.

Bradlyn Oakes Salary

Bradlyn Oakes joined CTV News in January 2021.

Since then, she has been predicting, preparing, and presenting weather forecasts.

According to Payscale, a broadcast meteorologist at CTV News earns between C$62K and C$156K per year.

As a result, Oakes must fall inside that range as well.

Bradlyn’s other endeavors as a travel blogger, novelist, and podcast host must definitely contribute significantly to her wealth.

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Bradlyn Oakes is leaving CTV Regina.

CTV Regina’s Bradlyn Oakes announced yesterday that she will be quitting her job to pursue her next adventure.

In high school in Sherwood Park, she began studying radio.

The travel blogger was hoping to make a living from acting, math, and her love of the weather.

Twister, a 1996 film, had a significant impact on her motivation to investigate the weather.

The TV star chose to travel the world after getting her bachelor’s degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science and packing all she owned into a bag.

Bradlyn Oakes
Bradlyn Oakes working as a weathercaster. Source: CTV news Regina

She moved to Sydney, Australia, right away to pursue a master’s degree in media production.

Oakes began her radio career in Sydney, Australia, as a morning announcer, where she covered news, weather, and current events.

She continued her television career as the CBC North meteorologist after returning to Canada.

After working for CBC North for over a year, the weather anchor joined CTV News.