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Net Worth and Salary

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Obituary of Paul Estridge: How Did He Die? Cause of Death of a Central Indiana Homebuilder

Paul Estridge’s net worth is between $400 – $500 million.

Obituary of Paul Estridge: How Did He Die? Cause of Death of a Central Indiana Homebuilder

Because Paul Estridge was a well-known central Indiana homebuilder, community and business leader, his death has trended on social media. Paul Estridge Jr. is a well-known Central Indiana homebuilder as well as a community and business leader. Estridge has a good industry reputation for building high-quality homes and communities that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Paul Estridge is also active in a number of community organizations and events.

He has served on several boards.

Local non-profits and has been active in efforts to improve education, healthcare, and economic growth in the area.

Estridge’s efforts in establishing the Estridge Family Fund are among his most visible donations to the community.

This charitable organization donates money to local schools and other educational institutions.

The Death and Obituary of Paul Estridge: What Caused the Central Indiana Homebuilder’s Death?

We regret to notify you that Paul Estridge Jr., a well-known Central Indiana homebuilder and community and business leader, has passed away.

Estridge died on January 8, 2023, when he was in his mid-60s. Estridge, who is scheduled for a lung transplant in November 2020, recently got a lung infection that his family fears may kill him.

He obtained the transplant to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable lung illness.

He’d spent his entire life in the construction industry, which had seen some incredible ups and downs.

Last year, he was recognized to the inaugural class of IBJ’s Indiana 250, a list of Indiana’s most significant business executives.

Paul Estridge is posing for the photo. Source: Biography Gist

Estridge firms have developed roughly 9,000 homes in central Indiana since 1967.

In the early 2000s, the company employed 150 full-time workers and produced hundreds of residences each year.

The Estridge Group and other builders were severely impacted by the Great Recession.

Central Indiana housing permits decreased from 13,202 in 2005 to 3,720 in 2010, according to the Greater Indianapolis Builders Association.

Centennial, a 1,100-home development built by Estridge’s business in Westfield between 1998 and 2010, was one of his finest successes.

Almost 12,000 trees were planted in one community. Along with the dwellings, there is a custom-built church.

Paul Estridge’s Pre-Death Net Worth

Paul Estridge was a wealthy businessman and real estate developer worth between $400 and $500 million.

Estridge Jr. built the company for 15 years before closing it down in September 2011 after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unable to recover from the recession’s home-building calamity.

This year, he returned to the home-building profession with a project in Westfield.

According to Estridge Jr., both Estridges sold their holdings in the company six years ago after becoming dissatisfied with it.

It became too tough for Estridge Jr. to deal with lawmakers, the state, and the gaming commission.

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What was the name of Paul Estridge’s wife? Meet His Wife and Kids

Judy Estridge, a well-known Central Indiana homebuilder and community and business leader, was Paul Estridge Jr.’s wife.

Judy was a devoted wife and mother who wholeheartedly supported her husband’s construction company.

Judy’s personal life is unclear, although she was clearly influential in the growth of Estridge Homes and the Estridge family.

She was a loving and supportive woman who cared profoundly about her family and community.

Paul Estridge is with Judy Estridge, Legacy Fund President Tom Killian, and Mayor Andy Cook. Source: Current Publishing

In addition to his wife, Paul Estridge Jr. has children and grandchildren.

His grandchildren are Mary Ellen McIntyre (Coleman), Elyse Harvey (Scott), Joshua Estridge, Cashel Timothy McIntyre, Amos Paul McIntyre, and Ruth Rose Harvey.

Estridge’s wife and children were a constant source of love and support for him, and he frequently spoke about the importance of family in his life.

He was a loving spouse, father, and grandfather. Those who knew and loved him are heartbroken by his passing.