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Paola Turci Moglie (Girlfriend): Who Is She? Ex-Husband Andrea Amato

Paola Turci Moglie

Paola Turci Moglie is an Italian professional songwriter, singer, performer, and author.  Paola Turci Moglie made her performing debut with the Mario Castelnuovo song “L’uomo di ieri” at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1986. The song appears on Paola’s debut album, Blue Ragazza Sola Ragazza.

In the years thereafter, the singer returned to the Sanremo Music Festival, where her song “Primo Tango” helped her win the Critics’ Prize in 1987.

She returned to the Festival in 1989 with “Bambini” and sang “Sar Bellissima” once more.

“Bambini” is the song that most clearly established Turci’s stardom.

Paola Turci Moglie (Girlfriend): Who Is She?

Paola Turci is married to Francesca Pascale, her lover.

The couple’s impending marriage took place on July 2, 2022, in Montalcino, following the singer’s announcement of her romance with Pascale.

Following speculations that Francesca’s ex-partner and former Italian prime minister had listed his 1,140 square meter property, which he purchased in 2015, they married.

Pascale, 37, and Paola Turci, 58, a musician with 17 studio albums under her credit, shared an Instagram snap of their wedding.

Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale’s imminent marriage took place in Montalcino. (Source: La Nazione)
Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale’s imminent marriage took place in Montalcino. (Source: La Nazione)

Berlusconi and Pascale split up amid the height of the coronavirus shutdown in 2020, and it has since been reported that his ex has been living with Turci.

Francesca was the ex-wife of media magnate and politician Silvio Berlusconi.

In addition, the politician served as Prime Minister of Italy four times.

Francesca met her present wife in 2019 while she was having problems with her ex-partner.

And, as a bisexual woman, she was drawn to Paulo at the same time.

Despite the fact that the former prime minister and Pascale were not married, they had a financial agreement in which she was rewarded €20 million for quitting their relationship after each year they were together.

She also gets a €100,000 monthly allowance to finance her lifestyle.

Children of Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale:

Following their civil marriage, Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci plan to adopt a child.

Today is the source of the transgression.

The two women married in Montalcino in July and want to expand their family.

Pascale and Turci are apparently exploring adoption or foster care, according to the weekly.

Paulo Turci, alongside her ex-marito (husband), Andrea Amato. (Source: DonnaPOP)
Paulo Turci, alongside her ex-marito (husband), Andrea Amato. (Source: DonnaPOP)

It is not easy in Italy because the law prohibits either of the two alternatives for same-sex couples.

Only a few European Union countries, notably France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Slovenia, allow same-sex couples to foster or adopt children.

As a result, the two would have to traverse a difficult bureaucratic process.

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Paola Turci’s Relationship History:

Paola Turci, like her partner Francesco, is bisexual.

The singer previously married a man named Andrea Amato before marrying her present husband.

Amato is an Italian journalist. They began dating in 2010.

Francesca Turci and Francesca Rava, NPH Foundation volunteers, attended their wedding celebration in Haiti.

Paola and Andrea, on the other hand, divorced in 2012. Turci was also romantically involved with tennis player Paolo Canè in the 1990s.

However, nothing is known about the couple, who dated for a few years in the 1990s.