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Patrick Crusius’ Parents, Family Ethnicity, And Twin Sister

Patrick Crusius

Patrick Crusius, the shooter at Walmart, has pled guilty to 90 federal crimes. More information on Patrick Crusius’ parents, family background, and ethnicity can be found below. Patrick Cruiser is a US citizen who committed one of the most heinous hate crimes against Latinos.

On August 3, 2019, a mass shooter entered a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and started fire on the customers.

Patrick Crusius, a far-right perpetrator, killed 23 people and injured another 23.

Following the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, it was the bloodiest attack on Latinos in modern American history.

It is also the bloodiest mass shooting in American history to end with the shooter being apprehended and charged.

Patrick wrote a manifesto on the online message board 8chan twenty minutes before launching the carnage.

In the 4-page pamphlet titled “The Inconvenient Truth,” he talked about white nationalist and racist ideas, blaming Hispanics and immigration for job losses.

Parents of Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius

Lori and Bryan Crusius are the parents of Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius.

Bryan Cursius, Patrick’s father, is a therapist with a lengthy history of drug addiction.

He reveals in his biography “Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery” that his children were forced to grow up in a shattered home.

Lori, Patrick’s mother, had previously been warned that his son will do something terrible.

Patrick Crusius
Texas Walmart shooter Patrick Crusius gets 90 life sentences. Source: newyorkpost

Following that, she had contacted the Allen Police Department several weeks prior to the shooting because she was concerned that her son, Patrick, possessed a pistol.

Lori notified authorities about Patrick’s recent purchase of an “AK-type” handgun, according to family lawyers.

Lori was concerned about her 21-year-old son having the rifle because he was not mature enough and had no experience with such a weapon.

The mother was transferred to a public safety officer during the police call, who informed her that her 21-year-old son was lawfully permitted to acquire the weapon.

Patrick’s mother did not give her or her son’s names, and the contract ended when the police did not request any further information.

Patrick Crusius has twin sisters and brothers.

Patrick Crusius was his parents’ youngest child.

Lori, his father’s second marriage, is his mother.

Patrick has a half-brother from his father’s first marriage, Austin Crusius.

Patrick was born to biological parents and has a twin sister Emily and an older brother Blake Crusius.

According to Crusius’ family lawyers, Patrick was not a turbulent, explosive, or chaotic child.

Patrick Crusius
Families confront the Texas Walmart gunman in court. Source: Los Angeles Times

He was unsure about his life direction.

He was thinking of moving to a university, joining the military, and finding a full-time job.

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Patrick Crusius’ Mother Contacted the Police A Month Prior to the Shooting

Following Patrick Crusius’s mass shooting at the El Paso Walmart, reports of the mother’s call began to circulate on news websites.

Police looked through their phone records and discovered that they had received a call from the mother more than a month before.

According to the documents, they received a call from the distraught mother on June 27, 2019, and the incident occurred on August 3, 2019.

The officer who spoke with Patrick’s mother on the phone twice asked her if her son was suicidal or had threatened others.

She replied that this was not the case, but she was concerned that he lacked the maturity to handle such a weapon.

Authorities stated that the call was “informational” and had nothing to do with her son’s aggressive inclinations.