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Before and After Plastic Surgery on Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is a well-known comedian, actor, and musician from the United States. Cho is also well-known for her stand-up routines. Margaret Cho rose to prominence after appearing in the ABC sitcom All-American Girl from 1994 to 1995. She went on to become a well-known stand-up comedian in the years that followed.

Cho is also an LGBT social activist, and her content on race and sexuality has been well-received by many people.

Fans frequently notice her physical look and are curious about her surgical details, just like her professional career.

Unlike other celebrities, she has always been honest about her surgery procedures and has publicly discussed them with her admirers.

Similarly, Margaret talked more about her surgery experience in an interview with People magazine.

Margaret Cho shares her plastic surgery details in an interview. (Source: Page Six)

Cho stated in the interview that she underwent treatment to fix her vision, which had been bothering her for years.

Similarly, the famous comedian stated that she had astigmatism, a common eye issue that can cause hazy or distorted vision.

The condition occurs when a person’s cornea or lens has an abnormal shape.

Margaret experienced vision problems as a result of this, and she underwent surgery to correct her vision.

Fans are now keen to learn about her present predicament, which is detailed below.

Before and After Plastic Surgery on Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho, as previously mentioned, has undergone surgery just to correct her vision.

Aside from that, there is no evidence of her having cosmetic surgery to change her appearance.

Before and after surgery picture of Margaret. (Source: E-News)

Margaret also remains silent about her unwelcome rumors.

This also implies that she wishes to disregard the speculations that may bring her into the debate.

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What’s the Deal With Margaret Cho’s Eyes?

Margaret Cho used to have vision difficulties that made it difficult for her to see.

Cho said in an interview that she suffers from astigmatism.

In an interview regarding her eye surgery, she stated, “I had this really bad astigmatism that was getting worse, I couldn’t see the board at school, and I had to sit in the front row.”

“I was having a hard time.”

Margaret said that her vision has returned and that she is pleased with it after the treatment was completed successfully.

Margaret Chohad had undergone eye surgery after having a vision problem. (Source: The Guardian)

As a result, Margaret is grateful for her improved vision and claims that it has made a significant difference in her daily life.

Apart from the topic of her operation, the well-known comic had some health concerns when she first began out in comedy. Margaret had an eating disorder.

During that period, she used booze and pills to conceal her appetite and eventually turned to other techniques of weight control.

Margaret may be doing well in both her personal and professional lives right now.