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Net Worth and Salary

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Tracey McShane

Tracey McShane

Who is Tracey McShane?

Tracey McShane is a Caucasian animal rights activist, author, graphic artist, veterinarian, and businesswoman. She is arguably best known to the globe due to her tremendous exposure on television and in other media sources.

Tracey McShane has also had numerous achievements of her own during the course of her multiple professions, since roughly 1990.

Tracey McShane- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Tracey McShane was born under the sign of Leo on the 6th of August 1967, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.

Tracey was reared presumably an only child in her place of birth, by her father and mother with yet unknown identities and professions.

As for her education, Tracey first attended an unidentified high school near her birthplace, from whence she matriculated in 1985. She went on to enroll at the California College of Arts and Crafts, from where she graduated with an undetermined degree in 1989.

McShane then studied graphic design and business programs at Drexel University in her birth state, finishing the courses approximately one year later. Lastly, the famous author at one point went through some form of instruction in animal healthcare.

Net Worth of Tracey McShane? Salary, Earnings

Her net worth is well over $1 million, aided by her lifelong dedication to animal safety and healthcare, while most of it is thought to come from her magazine sales.

Tracey McShane
Tracey McShane posing for a picture. Source: wikiodin

Tracey McShane- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

When it comes to Tracey’s romantic involvements, in spite of her customary secrecy regarding any private life events, a few things have managed to leak out to the public.

One of her first partners she is thought to have dated for over seven years. A few months after they separated in 1996, Tracey told her roommate at the time that she wished she had a boyfriend as funny as Jon Stewart. To the future surprise of many, that friend actually knew Jon and arranged a blind date for the two.

The newlywed couple initially made attempts at expanding their family, but to no avail for three years, so in 2003 they opted for in-vitro fertilization, which ultimately proved successful when their son Nathan Thomas Stewart came into the world in July 2004.

Their second child is thought to be naturally conceived, though this hasn’t been confirmed by either of the celebrities – daughter Maggie Rose Stewart was born in February 2006.

The family resides together in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City, with a multitude of pets to keep them company, including a parrot, hamster, two guinea pigs, two fish, four dogs, four pigs, and three rabbits.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

Tracey is 5ft 5ins (165cm) tall, and weighs around 132lbs (60kgs) (60kgs).

Her vital statistics are 34-27-35, her shoe size is 6, her bra size is 33B, and her body shape is often referred to as curvy. Her dress size is not yet known. Tracey has dark brown hair and light brown eyes, while her complexion is generally bright with an occasional tan.

Tracey McShane- Professional Career

While still attending college, Tracey did numerous odd jobs to make ends meet, meanwhile researching the professional path she wanted to pursue. She chose to try working at The Bronx zoo following her third educational venture, and over time acquired new respect for wildlife.

This realization prompted McShane to start up her own business – the Moomah Café. The resort was situated in lower Manhattan, functioning as a vacation for largely wedded couples with children. Half the café was in fact a children’s fun zone, which was also referred to as an enrichment center.

The firm was shut down some years later, but Tracey kept its feel alive in “Moomah the Magazine”, which she started around that time.

Since the animal enthusiast has kept most of her professional life out of the public spotlight, not much else can be written about the different engagements she has had throughout her career.

Tracey McShane’s long been known to support animal care, and it looks like Tracey and her husband purchased a $4 million property in recent years, exclusively for the goal of sheltering as many animals as possible. Thanks to her marriage, she’s at the moment believed to be enjoying a comfortable life, regardless of profession.

Her work was published by Artisan and contains more than 300 famous artists Lisel Ashlock’s colored illustrations, depicting various kinds of animal interactions. All of the proceeds from this book are to be received by Farm Sanctuary and further aid worldwide animal healthcare.

Tracey McShane- Social Media Status

It looks like Tracey understands well how this business model functions, and can thus be found on two of the three most popular social media networks. Her Twitter has over 1,000 fans and her Instagram has almost 8,000 followers.

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Quick Facts of Tracey McShane

  • Born under the sign of Leo on the 6th of August 1967, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, Tracey McShane is an animal rights activist, author, graphic designer, veterinarian, and businesswoman.
  • She is probably best known to the world due to her significant exposure on television and across other media outlets, in major part owing to her marriage to TV host, comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director Jon Stewart.
  • He is definitely known across the planet for hosting “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central for 16 years.
  • Her Twitter has over 1,000 fans and her Instagram has almost 8,000 followers.