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Vera Liddell, a school employee, stole $1.5 million

Vera Liddell

A school system official in the Chicago region has been charged with stealing. Vera Liddell, a member of the school squad, took $1.5 million in food from the cafeteria.

Vera Liddell has become an internet phenomenon and the most googled person in modern history.

Liddell works at Harvey School District 152 as the food service director.

Vera is a 66-year-old woman who has worked for the Harvey School District for over a decade.

The fraud began during a lockdown when kids were not permitted to be physically present in school,

and Vera is accused of ordering more than 11,000 cases of chicken wings from the school community.

According to the sources, the chickens were never transported to the school.

Liddell, Vera Stole $1.5 million in food from the cafeteria, primarily wings

Vera Liddell, the school’s food service director, has been with the school for over ten years.

Vera is suspected of stealing $1.5 million in Cafeteria food, especially wings.

As previously stated, the deception began during COVID, when kids were not permitted to be physically present at school.”

Vera Liddell
Vera in news for stealing source: Youtube

According to sources, even though the youngsters were not physically there, the school district prepared dinners for the students and their families.

Vera Liddell’s case is being discussed by the judges.

So far, Vera has ordered almost 11,000 boxes of chicken wings from the school district’s food vendor.

There is also proof that Vera picked up the order in a district cargo van.

The twist is that the food was never delivered to the school or the pupils, despite the school court’s assurance.

According to authorities, the district paid all food expenses but had no idea what happened to the chicken wings bought during the pandemic.

Vera Liddell: Who Is She?

Vera is a 66-year-old Illinois woman who works as a Food Service Director at Harvey School District 152.

Currently, Liddell is recognized as the school employee who was charged with stealing $1.5 million in food from the cafeteria, predominantly wings.

She has been the talk of the media, and the news has spread all across the world.

According to the court, more than a million dollars in meals were ordered but never delivered to the kids.

People have also witnessed Vera take food from the van.

Netizens are stunned that Liddell has been stealing meals for years and years, despite being one of the school’s oldest employees.

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Vera Liddell Is Arrested In Cook County Jail

Vera Liddell
Place where Vera’s stealing accusation came source: Youtube

Vera is currently facing charges of stealing and financial offenses totaling more than $1 million.

After a year, an audit revealed that the Harvey School District’s food service department was roughly $300,000 over budget.

The record, however, revealed that only half of the school year had elapsed.

The journals eventually revealed that Vera, the school’s former food services director, was committing a big fraud.

Many people wondered if she was the only one involved in such a large-scale crime when officials revealed that

Liddell placed food orders on behalf of the district and was the sole employee responsible for the theft.

Vera Liddell is now being held in the Cook County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

Similarly, Liddell will appear in court at the Sixth District Courthouse on February 22, 2023.

And the Illinois native has not agreed to a favorable agreement.