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What caused Harry Styles to spit on Chris Pine?

Harry Styles

Harry Styles told his fans at Madison Square Garden in New York that he went to Venice at the “Don’t Worry Darling” premiere to spit on Chris Pine. The film “Don’t Worry Darling” has become the talk of the festival. In a widely shared social media video, Styles is purportedly seen spitting on Pine while seated at the premiere on Monday night.

The act, however, was not audible on the tapes, and Pine’s assistants have since refuted this.

What Caused Harry Styles To Spit On Chris Pine’s Reddit? Explanation of a Controversy

On his return to Madison Square Garden, Harry Styles addressed

A social media video of Styles spitting on Pine as he sat down at

Monday night’s premiere started the entire altercation.

However, the act was not obvious in the recordings, and Pine’s representatives have since denied this.

Furthermore, no one observed the potential spitting issue throughout the occasion.

On the other side, the singer admits to spitting on Chris during his Madison Square Garden performance.

Chris and Harry appear to be closer than they appear, as many sources indicated

that there was no animosity between Styles and Pine during the premiere.

We don’t know if Harry spat on Chris because he hasn’t said anything about it.

Harry Styles
Harry on red carpet with Chris source: Youtube

Harry Styles’ Profession

Harry Styles made his music debut in 2010 when he submitted a

solo audition for the seventh season of the British singing competition “The X Factor.”

Despite not making it to the finals, he and four other candidates were

chosen to design new group activities for the rest of the competition.

Styles coined the phrase “One Direction.”

Harry Styles
Harry with his One direction member source: Twitter

The group’s debut song was an acoustic rendition of “Torn,” which they also used to qualify for the “judge’s houses” round.

They performed so well that they rapidly became well-known in the United Kingdom.

After finishing third in the seventh season of “The X Factor,” “One Direction,” one of the most popular competitors for the coveted title,

was signed by Simon Cowell’s “Syco Music Records” for a £2 million contract.

Harry Styles Net Worth

According to his Wikipedia page, Harry Styles has a net worth of £100 million,

making him the wealthiest musician under 30 in the United Kingdom.

Styles was named second on the Sunday Times Rich List among singers under 30 in May 2019 after placing third the

previous year with an estimated net worth of £50 million. He is reported to be worth £58 million.

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He stayed second on the list in 2020 and 2021,

Harry Styles
Harry spitting on Chris caught on camera source: Daily Mail

With projected net worths of £63 million and £75 million, respectively.

When the band disbanded, Styles went on to seek a solo career.

In June 2016, he secured a record deal with “Columbia Records” as a solo artist.

He also collaborated with a number of other songwriters.

He collaborated with Ariana Grande and Michael Buble, and wrote

lyrics for Snow Patrol and OneRepublic songs such as “Johnny McDaid” and “Ryan Tedder.”

Harry Styles made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 action-thriller “Dunkirk.”

He worked alongside stars such as Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy.