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Where Have Sam and Colby Gone?

Sam and Colby

Where Can Same And Colby Be Found?

 According to sources, YouTubers Sam and Colby are still being held in jail for trespassing in a prohibited area. Samuel Golbach, 26, and Cole Brock, 26, a.k.a. Sam and Colby are well-known for their wild flicks, but they made headlines on January 16 for a different reason — they were arrested!

The YouTube couple was detained for trespassing at a school under construction, and while they were released the next morning after posting bond, fans were upset.

The mugshots of Sam and Colby came as no surprise.

We know who these folks are and why it makes sense that they spent a night in jail.

Are they still in jail or have they been released?

Sam and Colby were caught on January 16, 2019, while filming a movie at an abandoned school property near Hillsborough County, Florida.

The celebs, according to Metro, decided to scale the barrier and enter the property without a permit.

A nosy neighbor saw the destruction firsthand and quickly dialed 911.

Sam and Colby were taken into custody and taken to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Their mugshots rapidly became popular on Twitter.

A concerned fan began a petition to have the cops release them.

Another user took to social media to urge people not to call the police station

where the children were routinely detained. The hashtag #FreeSamandColby was created by someone.

Sam and Colby were released on January 17, 2019, according to Hollywood Life.

On the same day, they tweeted to calm worried supporters.

“I just wanted to let you know that we are both safe and well, and I apologize for any concern you may have had.”

“Colby’s bond is now paid (he will be released soon), and we should both be back in California tomorrow,” Sam tweeted.

“It’s not a good idea to go to jail wearing a Justin Bieber shirt.” But I’m all right. “I adore you both,” Colby added.

The arrest led the celebrities to reevaluate their working methods.

They developed a new specialty team and grew more wary of approaching fenced-in structures.

However, several supporters were unable to recover from the shock.

Colby and Sam YouTube Career and Life

Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby in their youtube channel source: Youtube

Sam and Colby launched their YouTube channel on October 28, 2014, with their first video released on November 13, 2014.

On their YouTube channel, they used to upload comedy and challenge videos, but as of 2020,

they generally post videos in their Overnight and Exploration series. They’ve amassed a fan base on YouTube.

Their profession is YouTube, where they make the majority of their money by entertaining the viewers.

They have a merchandise website.

Merch is mentioned in the description of the majority of their newer YouTube videos. X P L R is their website, and they also have an app.

Their attire is intended for exploration. As a result of this, XPLR.

The Life Project was a website for people who were having difficulties in their lives.

Regrettably, it is no longer available. They have a new website that they have restarted,

mostly to support and help young people succeed. Life is a work in progress.

On April 6, 2019, they announced that they would not be producing any content until further notice.

They announced on May 1, 2019, that they were returning to normalcy, albeit not in the same way as before.

Each upload is a part of a larger series, such as the Stanely Hotel, Witches Forest, or Kansas Trip.

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Sam and Colby’s Salary Using YouTube

The channel has approximately 8.03 million subscribers and has received over 1.1 billion views as of 2022.

Every day, it receives an average of 1 million views from various sources.

The film’s advertising are estimated to generate approximately $8,000 per day ($3 million per year).

After deducting YouTube’s cut, American, British, Canadian, and Australian YouTube video creators typically earn $2 to $12 every 1000 monetized views.

Views that are routinely monetized account for 40% to 80% of all views.

The device utilized, the time of year, the viewer’s location, ad inventory, how many commercials are on a video, how many people skip the ads,

type of advertisement, ad interactivity, type of content, and so on all influence this.

Based on views, an auction determines the cost of an ad viewed by advertisers.

Advertisers must bid at least $0.01 for each image.

Google Preferred is another service that allows huge organizations to target advertising on the top 5% of most popular content.

The longer their viewers watch their films, the more money they earn.

The pair makes money through touring and selling things.

They also work with a variety of brands to sponsor some of their videos. Noom, Dragon City, and Fortnite have all been promoted.