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Where Is Habib Shamel Now, in Limerick?

Where Is Habib Shamel Now, in Limerick?

Habib Shamel, an Afghan national, was accused of the murder of Geila Ibram in the Republic of Ireland. Let’s see where Habib is now. Habib Shamel is an Afghan national who made headlines on the internet after reports of a woman stabbing surfaced in the media.

Shamel appeared in court in Belfast charged with the murder of a woman in Limerick.

Shamel had been in Ireland since October 2020, according to Belfast Magistrates’ Court.

Not only that, but he had requested asylum.

When asked if he understood the charge against him, Habib informed an interpreter that he did.

Where Is Habib Shamel Now, in Limerick?

Habib Shamel is being held at the time of writing.

He is accused of stabbing Geila Ibram. Shamel appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court via video link from detention, speaking through a translator,

and told the court that he understood the accusation against him, which accused him of killing Geila on April 4.

Shabib Habib Now, Habib Shamel is said to have murdered Geila Ibram, a Romanian.

A detective told the court that Shamel, who has no fixed residence, believed he could connect him to the allegation, and

that police opposed bail owing to the threat of flight and the alleged killer posing a serious danger to public safety.

Shamel came in Dublin from Afghanistan in October 2020, for your knowledge.

Shamel was remanded in detention and will appear in court again on May 2, 2023, via video connection.

Habib Shamel Charged with the Death of Geila Ibram

Habib Shamel
Habib’s victim mother mourning after her death source: Youtube

Shamel, 32, is accused of murdering Geila Ibram, 27, in a Limerick apartment building.

On Tuesday afternoon, the lady was discovered dead in an apartment building in Limerick city.

Shamel later appeared in Belfast Magistrates’ Court charged with murdering a woman in the Republic of Ireland.

Ibram, originally from Romania, was discovered on Tuesday afternoon in an apartment building in Limerick city.

Shamel was apprehended on Thursday in the Malone area of south Belfast.

The murder of Geila Ibram is making waves on the internet.

The court heard that on the morning of the death,

Habib was caught on CCTV arranging a sexual encounter with the victim.

He was then seen arriving at the victim’s location at 13:28 local time and leaving a little more than a minute later.

In a furious attack, Shamel allegedly stabbed Ibram many times in the neck, face, and abdomen.

Shamel was also hurt in the incident and was taken to a hospital in Limerick.

According to the court, Shamel abandoned all of his identification in Limerick and took a bus north with a companion.

Shamel’s legal team, on the other hand, argued that he should be allowed bail

, telling the court that the prison staff would be unable to accommodate his religious needs and that he had mental health issues.

Habib Shamel
Habib being arrested news source: Twitter

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Geila Ibram: Who Was She?

Geila Ibram, a 27-year-old Romanian woman, was discovered in an

apartment building in Limerick city on Tuesday afternoon.

There are few details about the slain lady’s personal life.

Tributes for Geila Ibram have poured in on social media since her death in April.

As we all know, Ibram rose to prominence after her assassination by a man named Habib Shamel. More information about this case will be available soon.