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Where Is Roy Cropper Going After He Leaves Coronation Street?

Where Is Roy Cropper Going After He Leaves Coronation Street?

Roy Cropper, a character developed for the British television series Coronation Street on ITV, is played by David Neilson. On July 19, 1995, Roy Cropper made his debut as a supporting character; however, the show’s executive producer, Brian Park, raised the character’s relevance in 1997.

David Neilson has played Roy Cropper, an iconic character in the soap drama, for many years.

In a recent episode, he appeared to be ill and left a dance lesson early, but it is unclear whether this was due to illness or anything else.

Because of Roy’s recent health issues, fans are concerned about his status on the show.

He is discussed further in the article.

Where Will Roy Cropper Go After He Leaves Coronation Street?

In November 2021, Roy Cropper left Coronation Street for South America.

David Neilson initially appeared on Coronation Street as Roy Cropper in July 1995, and audiences have become fond of him over the years.

Roy was presented as a minor character at first, but his relevance gradually grew, and he has since become a significant element in the program.

Roy Cropper arrived at Crimea Street flats in 1995 after fleeing his family to avoid a tough childhood and an abusive stepfather.

Roy Cropper left Coronation Street in November 2021 and went to South America (Source: Liverpool Echo)

He had previously worked in catering at hotels and restaurants before moving to Weatherfield and began work at Jim’s Café on Rosamund Street.

After a year, Cropper bought out Alma Baldwin’s main stake in the company, renaming it Roy’s Rolls.

He has been running the café on Victoria Street since 1999 and lives in the flat above it.

However, in late 2021, Roy surprised supporters by departing Weatherfield and boarding a taxi, before turning over his whole estate to his niece Nina Lucas.

Roy’s dismissal came after a hate crime plot in which he prevented Abi Franklin from killing her son’s murderer and assisted in covering up the use of a pistol in another murder.

Roy, who was struggling with remorse, chose to leave the Street in November 2021 and travel to South America, leaving supporters and inhabitants in tears.

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Is Roy Cropper Unwell? What became of him?

According to the most recent episode, Roy Cropper appears to be ill.

Roy wrestled with guilt about covering up a crime in a prior narrative.

He eventually left Coronation Street to travel to South America, but this was not due to illness.

In a recent episode, Roy Cropper appeared to be feeling unwell and left a dance lesson early (Source: The Sun)

Nonetheless, some are anxious that Roy will be killed off after appearing to be ill in a recent episode.

Roy appeared uncomfortable and distracted during a dancing class with Evelyn Plummer, and he eventually had to leave early owing to feeling ill.

He was in a rush and avoided discussion when he picked up his dog Freddie from Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall).

Later, Evelyn approached Roy and presumed he was upset because of his late wife, Hayley Cropper (played by Julie Hesmondhalgh).

Viewers are left wondering if the character may face a more serious sickness or a grim plot in the future.