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Who Are Judith M. Spade And Wayne M. Spade? David Spade Parents, Daughter, And Wife

David Spade

Are people aware of David Spade’s parents? Yes, David Spade has a fantastic relationship with his mother, but there is a strange parallel with his absent father. David, an American actor, TV personality, and comedian, rose to prominence in the 1990s as the host of Saturday Night Live.

Despite his celebrity, many people are unaware of his parents.

So let’s get right into it and learn more about his parents.

His mother, Judith, is a magazine editor and writer, and his father, Sam, is a sales representative.

David currently has a strong bond with his mother but is estranged from his father.

David Spade
David Wayne Spade with his mother, Judith on the occasion of mother’s day. Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, Spade’s parents live a quiet existence.

Judith lives a life apart from the spotlight of the media.

She is occasionally spotted attending shows with her son and granddaughter.

Judith M. Spade And Wayne M. Spade Divorce

David Spade’s parents divorced shortly after his family relocated to Arizona in 1968.

He and his brothers were reared by Judith M. Spade.

As a single mother, Judith reared her children in poverty.

However, after the divorce, Sam abandoned his fatherly duties and alienated himself from his children.

He also paid little attention to his kids David, Andy, and Bryan.

David Spade and his father have a strained relationship.

David Spade revealed his alienated connection with his father, Wayne M. Spade, in a chapter of his audiobook A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World (available on Audible).

After becoming a dad himself, the former SNL host stated that he stopped talking to his father.

He described his absentee father as nice and amusing.

Spade’s father abandoned him when he was four years old, while his brothers Andy and Bryan were six and eight, respectively.

David Spade
David Spade Stopped Talking to His Father After Becoming a Dad. Source: People

While he was growing up, Spade would only see his father two or three times a year. He remembers,

We didn’t have his phone number, so if he wanted to see us, we’d be sitting at the doors with our bags.

Spade’s life finally altered after he became a father in 2008.

Spade now considers his kid to be the best thing in his life and sincerely loves her.

As a result, it is plausible to presume that being a father altered his own parental relationships.

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Meet David Spade’s Wife and Daughter

David Spade is undoubtedly close to her daughter Harper Spade.

According to his Instagram handle, the father-daughter combination is frequently spotted enjoying themselves together at various events such as shows, holiday dinners, and more.

David and his ex-wife Jillian had their daughter Harper on August 26, 2008.

Though his co-parenting relationship with his former partner, Grace, is difficult to discern.

Nonetheless, their relationship appears to be in good shape, as no such troubling news has been revealed.