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Who Is Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s New Wife?

Anca Faur

Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s new wife, is presently the talk of the town. Buzz Aldrin is a former astronaut, fighter pilot, and engineer from the United States.

On the Apollo 11 mission in 1969,

He was the second man to set foot on the Moon, after mission leader Neil Armstrong.

Aldrin had previously completed three spacewalks while piloting the Gemini 12 mission in 1966.

Aldrin is also a published author, with his books Magnificent Desolation (2009)

and Return to Earth (1973) detailing his battles with melancholy and alcoholism.

Who Is Dr. Anca Faur, Buzz Aldrin’s New Wife?

Buzz Aldrin revealed on Twitter on January 20, 2023, that he had married for the fourth time.

He married his 63-year-old girlfriend, Dr. Anca Faur, on his 93rd birthday.

According to the former pilot and engineer, he and his new bride were “excited as eloping teenagers.”

He also posted photos from their Los Angeles wedding ceremony on social media.

“…I am delighted to announce that my long-time love Dr. Anca Faur and I have married,” Aldrin said on Twitter.

Dr. Faur is the Executive Vice President of Buzz Aldrin Ventures and has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

She had worked for Union Carbide and Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells before being named Vice President at Buzz Aldrin’s firm in 2019.

Buzz Aldrin’s Previous Marriages and Children Investigated

Anca Faur
Anca with her husband source: Twitter

Buzz Aldrin had four marriages and three children with his first wife.

On December 29, 1954, he married Joan Archer, with whom he was married for 20

years and had three children: James, Janice, and Andrew Aldrin.

Beverly Van Zile was Aldren’s second wife, whom he married on December 31, 1975.

After three years, they divorced in 1978.

His third marriage was also to Lois Driggs Cannon. On February 14, 1988, they married, and in December 2012, they divorced.

With a moon rock, Buzz Aldrin proposed to Lois.

Aldrin’s grandchild, Jeffrey Schuss, was born to his daughter Janice.

He has three great-grandsons, Nathaniel, Benjamin, and Archer, as well as one great-granddaughter, Kaia Nicole.

In 2018, the former astronaut was embroiled in a court battle with his children Janice and Andrew, as well as his former business manager Christina Korp.

They claimed that Aldrin was intellectually damaged by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and that his new pals were financially and socially manipulating him.

They wanted to be identified as his legal guardians. However, in June,

Aldrin retaliated by launching a lawsuit against the three as well as the family’s companies and organizations.

The matter was resolved when his children withdrew their petition and he dismissed the case in March 2019.

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A Look at the Aldrin Family

Anca Faur
Anca’s husband when he was astronaut source: People

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. was born to Marion Aldrin (née Moon) and Edwin Eugene Aldrin Sr. in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA.

Edwin Sr. was an Army aviator during World War I and the assistant commandant of the test pilot school at McCook Field, Ohio, from 1919 to 1922.

He left the Army in 1928 to work as an executive at Standard Oil.

Madeleine and Fay Ann Aldrin were Aldrin’s two elder sisters.

His nickname, which became his formal first name in 1988, arose

from Fay mispronouncing “brother” as “buzzer,” which was reduced to “Buzz.”

He earned a mechanical engineering degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1951.

Aldrin earned a Doctor of Science in astronautics from MIT before becoming NASA’s first astronaut with a doctorate.