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Who Is Steven Hodge’s Wife, Lara Hodge?

Steven Hodge

Who is Steven Hodge’s wife, Lara Hodge, co-host of Greate Chocolate Showdown? The well-known Canadian television personality enjoys spending time with his children and family.

Steven Hodge is a well-known Canadian chocolatier and pâtissier.

He has amassed immense recognition and notoriety as a result of his numerous television appearances.

He has appeared in TV shows like Great Chocolate Showdown,

Hodge is a family man as well as a famous chocolatier and patissier.

Steven is a devoted husband to his wife and a devoted father to his children.

But who is the famous chocolatier’s wife?

Let’s find out what her job is while also delving into their love story. Lara Hodge is Steven Hodge’s wife.

Lara Hodge, Steven Hodge’s wife, is a model by trade. Lizbell Agency has been represented by Mrs. Hodge.

Modeling is an exciting and difficult career that takes dedication and hard effort.

The runway, photoshoots, and the ever-changing world of fashion are central to a model’s existence.

In the post-fashion world, they present the latest designs of renowned designers, becoming the living canvas for their ideas.

Canadian Chocolate Maker Lara Hodge, Steven Hodge’s wife, is a professional model.

Steven Hodge
Steven in his factory source: People

It’s not just about physical beauty;

models must also exude personality and bring their outfits to life.

Long hours of preparation, a healthy lifestyle, and ongoing self-improvement are hidden behind the glossy façade.

Models frequently travel the world, immersing themselves in various cultures and experiences.

They inspire others with their originality and create an impression on the world of influence as they grace magazine covers and billboards.

However, they confront problems as well, such as the pressure to maintain an ideal image and the industry’s

competitiveness, as well as the opportunity to express artistry and be a part of a dynamic environment that promotes creativity and self-expression.

Steven Hodge
Steven making chocolate source: Twitter

Lara Hodge and Steven Hodge They first met in California.

Lara and Steven Hodge have been married for a number of years.

The pair allegedly met in California in the early 2000s.

The chocolatier was studying at the California School of Culinary Arts at the time.

The instantaneously smitten couple fell in love and dated for a while before marrying.

Lara and her husband moved to London, England, for three years.

Steven worked in some of the world’s most recognized restaurants throughout their time in London,

including Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road, Le Caprice, and The Wolseley.

Temper Chocolate & Pastry opened in 2013 after the married couple returned to Vancouver in 2008.

Nonetheless, the Hodges have been married for many years and have a loving family.

The adorable couple occasionally appears on one other’s social media accounts.

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Children of Lara and Steven Hodge

Charlie and Levi, the married couple’s two lovely daughters and an adorable son, have joined them on their journey of love and togetherness.

Steven named one of his dishes Charlie after his eldest child.

It’s a cinnamon pastry with flaky layers of sweetness. The children of the Hodges are a source of happiness and joy.

The joy the children brought to their parents’ life expanded with them.

The girls must have been a constant source of inspiration and drive for the couple during their life’s ups and downs.

The Hodges are growing up away from the limelight.

As a result, there is little information available concerning them. Whatever the case may be, they must be having a great time.