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Why Did Matt Wordsworth Leave ‘ABC’ for a New Job? Net Worth and Location

Matt Wordsworth’s net worth is $3 million.

Why Did Matt Wordsworth Leave ‘ABC’ for a New Job? Net Worth and Location

Many people are asking what Matt Wordsworth will do now that he has left ABC, and it has been reported that he will work in communications. Matt Wordsworth, an award-winning Australian journalist, will depart ABC News after 12 years of service on March 3, 2023. His departure has aroused speculation about his future professional aspirations and financial value.

Wordsworth’s departure from ABC News has generated speculation about his future professional and financial aspirations.

While his future is uncertain, one thing is certain: his journalistic work has left an indelible mark on Australian media, and his legacy will live on.

Matt Wordsworth’s future plans after leaving ABC, as well as his net worth and career earnings, will be discussed in this article.

What Will Happen to Matt Wordsworth After He Leaves ABC?

Many fans are asking where Matt Wordsworth will go now that he has left ABC News.

Wordsworth is reportedly leaving ABC to pursue a career in communications.

He has joined Hill+Knowlton Strategies as a director, bringing with him extensive journalistic experience.

Matt Wordsworth is with his working partner. Source: YouTube

Wordsworth has won numerous journalism accolades, including a Walkley Award in 2013 for his coverage of the Queensland floods.

His ability to deliver engrossing and thought-provoking stories has won him many fans, and he is expected to bring the same level of zeal and dedication to his new position in communications.

What became of Matt Wordsworth?

After leaving ABC, Matt Wordsworth became a director at the public relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

He is expected to utilize his breadth of journalistic experience in his new position, supporting the Company in designing and implementing successful consumer communication initiatives.

Wordsworth’s transition into communications comes as no surprise given his reputation as a terrific storyteller and speaker.

Matt Wordsworth is with a sweet smile. Source: YouTube

His ability to weave interesting stories and distill tough subjects into easily digestible sound bites will be useful in his new position.

Despite quitting ABC, Wordsworth has emphasized his support for public broadcasting and the need of good journalism.

In a statement, he stated that public broadcasting is more vital than ever and that he is a strong supporter of it.

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Matt Wordsworth’s Earnings And Net Worth Throughout His Career

Matt Wordsworth’s net worth is estimated to be at $3 million.

He accumulated this income throughout the course of his successful journalistic career, which spanned more than two decades.

Wordsworth began his journalism career as a reporter for the now-defunct Brisbane Independent Newspaper at the age of 21.

Later, in 2004, he joined ABC as a news reporter and quickly progressed through the ranks to become a well-known journalist and ABC News anchor.

Matt Wordsworth is at work. Source: YouTube

Wordsworth has written about everything from politics to natural disasters, and he is known for his keen reporting and in-depth analysis.

He has also presented ABC’s flagship news program, 7.30, and has led live coverage of key events such as the 2016 United States presidential election.

Despite leaving the ABC, Wordsworth’s journalism has made an indelible mark on Australian media, and his legacy will live on.