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Anabel Cherubito’s Sons and Daughters:

Anabel Cherubito

Anabel Cherubito is a well-known figure in Argentina’s entertainment business. Anabel Cherubito has established herself as one of her country’s most successful actresses and models since beginning her career in the 1990s. Cherubito has appeared in television shows, plays, and radio commercials. While she is best recognized for her role in Torrantes, her legacy extends well beyond that.

Her television credits include Paajeros, Vindica, Pasado de Copas: Drunk History, Todavia, and many more.

Many people are curious about her personal life because of her celebrity and successful career in the entertainment sector.

In this brief essay, you will learn everything there is to know about Anabel.

Anabel Cherubito’s Children And Hija Argentine actress Anabel Cherubito has one child, Simona, which she shares with her partner, Luciano Alvarez.

Simona is the actress’s and her partner’s only kid.

Anabel was 42 years old when she had her first child.

The model’s daughter was born in October 2016.

Simona will be six years old in 2023.

When pregnancy rumors first surfaced, the Argentine actress told Ciudad, “I never wanted to be a mom until now.”

This baby represents love; it was wanted and sought after. We are ecstatic.”

In many interviews after becoming a mother for the first time, Anabel expressed how thrilled she and her boyfriend were.

Partner Anabel Cherubito Luciano Lopez

Anabel Cherubito’s partner is Luciano lvarez. The couple has been together for a long time.

In 2013, the actress was forced to speak publicly about her connection with Luciano.

The couple was seen going hand in hand through Las Caitas.

Soon after, Cherubito told the paparazzi that she was dating Luciano.

Anabel Cherubito with her partner and their only child, Simona. (Image Source: Parati)
Anabel Cherubito with her partner and their only child, Simona. (Image Source: Parati)

Luciano Alvarez, Anabel Cherubito’s boyfriend, is a former Dock Sud soccer player.

According to sources, once his playing career ended, Alvarez dedicated himself to learning and practicing Chinese medicine.

Simona’s parents moved in together in 2015. Since then, the couple has been together.

That implies the model and the ex-soccer star have been dating for more than a decade.

During this period, the enamored couple has raised a loving family, and the flame between them does not appear to have died away.

However, it is unclear whether the couple is married.

We wish the lovely pair an eternal bond filled with joy and love.

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The Cherubito Family and the Nationalidad

Anabel Cherubito was born on December 7, 1971, in Argentina to a dancer and a musician.

Her parents, according to her biography, had aspirations and strove for a better world.

After marrying, the star’s parents spent time in Chile and traveled to Argentina since they wanted their child to be born there.

Anabel Cherubito and Luciano Álvarez have been together for over a decade. (Image Source: Cronica)
Anabel Cherubito and Luciano Álvarez have been together for over a decade. (Image Source: Cronica)

Due to the political situation in the region, Anabel’s parents were forced to flee to Spain shortly after her birth.

The actress grew up in Spain before moving to Argentina at the age of 21 to pursue her acting career.

Many people misinterpret Cherubito as being Spanish.

Despite having been up in Spain and having Iberian ancestors, she is of Argentine nationality.