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Anna Cathcart Health 2023: What Is Xo Kitty Cast’s Disease?

Anna Cathcart

Fans of the American rom-com drama XO, Kitty will recognize the name Anna Cathcart. Anna Cathcart, who first appeared on television at the age of 11, has already amassed an amazing career. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Odd Squad, Descendants, and Zoe Valentine are among the popular shows in which she has appeared.

The Canadian actress has gained attention for her role in the Netflix series XO, Kitty, which is currently airing.

The Vancouver-born actress is best known for her role as Kitty Covey in the Netflix series To All the Boys I’ve Loved and its sequel.

There has been no formal report on the subject.

Furthermore, the young starlet hasn’t said anything about her health problem.

As a result, we presume Cathcart is in good health and living life to the fullest.

Furthermore, given the Odd Squad star’s position in the film industry, it is unlikely that any illness will go unnoticed.

Anna Cathcart’s career skyrocketed after the publication of XO Kitty.

Anna Cathcart
Prominent actress Anna Cathcart doesn’t have any health-related issues. (Image Source: Nicki Swift)

She is the focal point of the hit “To All the Boys” spinoff series.

The great young actress, whose career is still in its early stages, is perfectly equipped to repeat the role of the teen matchmaker in the spinoff series.

Cathcart grew up watching Disney Channel comedies.

She wasn’t simply watching the shows, though.

It was her acting classes, she explained.

“I’ve never really taken acting classes… “I got my coaching and acting ideas from watching so much television,” she explained.

Cathcart also said that she honed her acting skills by spending hours watching Disney Channel and fantasizing about being on TV.

Anna Cathcart’s Family History

Anna Cathcart was born on June 15, 2003, as one of two children to Jaime and Mamie Cathcart.

Sara Cathcart, her elder sister, is five years older than her.

Many individuals have inquired as to whether the XO Kitty star is Chinese.

Anna Cathcart
Anna Cathcart with her parents, Jaime and Mamie Cathcart, and her elder sister, Sara Cathcart. (Image Source: Distracify)

Cathcart was born in Canada but has Chinese ancestors.

Her mother is of Chinese descent.

However, the stunning actress is of Irish descent through her father.

In terms of schooling, the actress is a student at the University of British Columbia, where she is studying sociology and creative writing.

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Anna Cathcart’s parents’ occupation

Her older sister, Sara, is also a co-founder of Chatterbox, a clothing line that attempts to bring people together by beginning a conversation.

The Cathcart family is quite close to one another.

In addition, the young starlet is not afraid to express her love for her parents on social media.

The picture-perfect family attended the premiere of “XO, Kitty” together.

The actress’s mother, father, and older sister must be quite proud of her.

Finally, Anna Cathcart is free of disease. Her career took off after the premiere of her most recent series.

We wish the ‘XO, Kitty’ actress a more happy and joyous new year.