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Are Yaz and Nik related in the extraction industry?

Yaz and Nik

Since the premiere of this new popular Netflix drama, netizens and binge-watchers have been wondering: Are Yaz And Nik Related In Extraction?

Extraction is an engrossing online series that combines action, suspense, and compelling storyline.

The series follows Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, a talented and fearless black-market mercenary.

deadly encounters, and personal problems set in diverse locales across the world.

Extraction’s second season,

Which premiered on June 16, 2023, follows Tyler Rake, a commando who narrowly avoids death.

Tyler embarks on a risky journey to rescue the imprisoned family of a vicious criminal in this new season.

Now that the second season of the show has been launched and many are already hooked.

Some new viewers have questions regarding the show.

In this post, we’ll look into if Yaz and Nik, two members of Tyler’s squad, are related. Spoiler Warning!!

Yaz and Nik
Nik acting source: Just Jared


Is Yaz and Nik related in the extraction industry?

Yes, in the episode Extraction, Yaz and Nik are connected; they are brothers.

Both of them play significant roles in the online series.

As previously stated, Extraction revolves around Tyler, a black-market mercenary who takes on perilous missions.

Tyler’s team suffers a big loss in the second season when Yaz Kahn sadly dies.

Yaz and Nik are brothers in the show Extraction

Yaz, Nik’s dedicated brother and a member of Tyler’s crew, had previously assisted Tyler in another mission shown in the first film.

Yaz is killed by a gunshot fired by Zurab seconds before Tyler’s crew

boards the helicopter in Vienna. It makes Yaz the genuine martyr of Extraction 2.

This heartbreaking tragedy elicits emotional responses from the audience,

who see Nik compassionately care for her brother’s body that night.

Nik Kahn is played by Golshifteh Farahani, and Yaz Kahn, a private military contractor and Nik’s younger brother, is played by Adam Bessa.

Yaz and Nik
Yaz and Nik together source: Twitter

What’s New With The Extraction 2 on Netflix?

During the first season, the entire plot revolved around

Tyler Rake is being paid to recover Ovi Mahajan, the kidnapped son of a powerful international criminal lord.

Ovi was kidnapped by a rival drug lord, Amir Asif, and is being held captive in the crime-ridden city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tyler confronts several challenges as he progresses through the task, including encounters with an army of henchmen and other mercenaries competing for power.

Extraction 2, which will be released on Netflix in June 2023, has received a lot of attention, just like its predecessor.

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With the lingering ambiguity from the previous film’s climax,

it’s only natural that audiences are eager to discover the sequel’s twists and turns.

Tyler Rake, along by his crew of Nik and Yaz Kahn, as well as Tyler’s ex-wife Mia and her sister Ketevan, are the main characters of Extraction 2.

In addition, the spotlight is shining on the violent Nagazi family, a drug and firearms cartel in Georgia, Europe.

The mission centers around rescuing Ketevan, Mia’s sister, who is imprisoned in a dangerous Georgia prison.

Tyler agrees to undertake the rescue expedition to ensure the safety of his loved ones, motivated by the misery of his ex-wife’s family.

Extraction 2 then proceeds through a succession of furious fighting scenarios, horrifying survival methods, and multiple killings.

The sequel is an exciting and dynamic cinematic experience that combines strong battle sequences with riveting plot.