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Concord Strip Mall shooting, which killed Eric Cavazo

Eric Cavazo

Eric Cavazo was killed in a shooting at Concord Strip Mall. Eric Cavazo, 21, was shot to death, and his stepfather was injured. Let’s talk about the situation.

Eric Cavazo, a 21-year-old mall shooting victim, was also killed.

Eric was killed and his stepfather was injured in a shooting at a Concord strip mall on Tuesday.

According to sources, he was shot in the head and died behind a tarp at the mall.

According to the detectives, Eric pulled up in their car and stopped outside Payless Cigarettes, and a man

approached Cavazos with a weapon. Similarly, both men began fighting over the weapon, and Eric collapsed and was shot.

The news has captured the attention of many people and has become a contemporary media sensation.

The incident occurred around 9:45 a.m., and no apparent motive has been revealed.

Eric Cavazo was shot and killed in the Concord Strip Mall shooting.

Everyone was startled and saddened by the Concord Strip Mall catastrophe.

The incident resulted in the death of one young guy and the injury of his stepfather.

Furthermore, the Concord Strip Mall shooting occurred around 9:45 a.m.,

and Eric became the victim, therefore taking his life.

People are mourning his death, and the tragedy is heartbreaking because a minor died.

According to the sources, no other people were injured, and no further information has been gathered.

Eric Cavazo
Eric’s shooter being arrest source: Youtube

Eric Cavazo’s Shot Henry Lee tweets about the Concord Strip Mall shooting.

There have been many concerns regarding how the incident occurred and what precipitated the shooting,

thus according to sources, Eric was pulled into their car and parked outside Payless Cigarettes, which appears to be the main cause.

The 21-year-old victim was then confronted by a man wielding a rifle.

According to the source, the two males began fighting over the firearm, and he was shot after falling to the ground.

More information is being gathered.

Furthermore, the authority team and local police forces have yet to complete additional reports.

Stepfather of Concord Strip Mall Shooting Victim Eric Cavazo

Eric Cavazo
place where shooting took place source : Twitter

One more person has been seriously injured as a result of the Concord Strip Mall incident.

Eric was fatally shot, and the second victim was his stepfather,

who was injured and sent to the hospital. His stepfather’s identity and facts are yet to be revealed.

Similarly, Eric’s relatives said that Eric’s stepfather was injured in a shooting and is likely in the hospital.

However, nothing else regarding Eric’s stepfather, including his condition, has been discussed.

As a result, more information needs to be updated.

Nothing else has been revealed about the probe by department sources.

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Update on the Concord Strip Mall Shooting Case

The Concord Strip Mall shooting terrified the community.

This has gone viral on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Similarly, the news of Eric’s death and his stepfather’s injury has been revealed by sources;

nonetheless, numerous questions have been raised concerning the case as netizens seek an update.

So yet, no new information has been released about the shooting case,

and the investigation is still ongoing, so everyone is waiting for additional information.

While discussing the suspects, it has been stated that a man and a woman fled the shooting site at Solano Way and Broadmoor Avenue.

Similarly, the mall, which has a Dollar General, Papi Clary’s Kitchen, and a spa, has been cordoned off with yellow tape.