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DJ Lastborn’s Death: What Caused Benson Ouma’s Death?

DJ Lastborn’s Death: What Caused Benson Ouma’s Death?

The untimely death of DJ Lastborn has upset the majority of netizens, and everyone is eager to learn more about the tragic tragedy.

According to his sister Lillian Anyango,

Lastborn died in his sleep on Friday, February 3, 2023, at the age of 43.

Popular reggae DJ Benson Ogweno Ouma, popularly known as DJ Lastborn,

has been ill for several years after suffering two strokes.

His speech and vision were affected by his second stroke in 2019.

His health has been critical since that incident, and he died today as a result.

DJ Lastborn’s Death: What Caused Benson Ouma’s Death?

DJ Lastborn “Benson Ouma” died on February 3, 2023.

Lastborn finally fell asleep quietly last night after battling heart problems for numerous years.

His death was confirmed by his sister. When they chatted on Thursday night, she said the seasoned DJ was in great spirits.

She told how they closed their chat by asking to go to bed, only to find out the next day that he had died.

Since his stroke in 2017, Ouma’s sister has been caring for him. His health had improved significantly, according to her.

DJ Lastborn
Lastborn DJing before his death source: Youtube

Lillian’s son, Ian, went to a neighboring store to buy Lastborn supplies early on Friday morning, as he always did.

A few minutes later, Lastborn’s caretaker entered the room and discovered that the DJ had remained in the same location as the previous night.

She dialed Lillian, who quickly dispatched an ambulance.

Oamu Wan was certified dead, and his body was taken to the Jocham Funeral Home in Mombasa.

DJ Lastborn’s Family and Music Career

The DJ, 43, has not disclosed any information about his parents, but he was close to his sister, Lillian Anyango.

DJ Lastborn (Benson Ogweno Ouma) was a Kenyan DJ and producer.

He was well-known for his distinctive musical production style,

which combined traditional African sounds with current electronic dance music (EDM).

Due to his musical talent and dedication for crafting a distinct sound,

DJ Lastborn has established himself as a notable player in the Kenyan music business.

DJ Lastborn
DJ award source: Twitter

The DJ, 43, was close to his sister, Lillian Anyango.

The 43-year-old DJ had a tight relationship with his sister, Lillian Anyango.

Lastborn developed a significant fan base and was known for his high-energy concerts.

His music was warmly accepted by listeners in Kenya and elsewhere.

In addition to his DJ career, DJ Lastborn has created a name for himself as a music producer, creating tracks that reflect his musical variety and range.

He has collaborated with numerous singers and producers in Kenya and overseas,

and his contributions to the African music scene have gained critical recognition.

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What was DJ Lastborn’s net worth at the time of his death?

DJ Lastborn
Lastborn in his DJ studio source: Twitter

While no formal declaration has been made regarding DJ Lastborn’s net worth at the time of his death,

several media outlets believe it was 20 million NGN (Nigerian Naira).

Oamu had previously played at a number of Kenyan bars and music festivals,

enthralling fans with his explosive sets and electrifying stage presence.

People all over the world are expressing their profound condolences for the loss of this vibrant person.

Twitter has been inundated with messages of condolence for DJ Lastborn.