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Esme Murphy’s Wiki, Relationship, And Net Worth

Esme Murphy’s net worth is unavailable.

Esme Murphy’s Wiki, Relationship, And Net Worth

Esme Murphy’s husband is a successful businessman in the Twin Cities. The pair has been married for almost two decades and has two children. Esme Murphy is a skilled journalist. On Sunday mornings, she works as a reporter and anchor for WCCO-TV. The Twin Cities CBS affiliate is WCCO-TV (channel 4).

It is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based American television station.

The native New Yorker has worked for the network for over three decades.

In December 1990, she began working at the news organization.

Esme started her radio career shortly after graduating from Harvard University in 1981.

Her entire career, the anchor has solely worked for WCCO-TV.

Murphy has achieved widespread acclaim and recognition as a result of her long and successful career in broadcast journalism.

With that out of the way, read on to learn more about Esme’s personal life, including her husband and children.

David Klopp, Esme Murphy’s husband

Esme Murphy’s spouse, David Klopp, is a successful businessman.

David Klopp is the CEO and president of Sofas and Chairs, a Twin Cities-based furniture store.

In 1983, the anchor’s spouse attended at the University of Minnesota after graduating from Fairport High School.

Mr. Klopp earned his bachelor’s degree in 1987.

In addition, Sofas and Chairs is a Klopp family business that began in the late 1970s.

David started working for the company in January 1994.

Esme Murphy is with her husband. Source: biography gist

Since then, he has co-managed the company with his brother, Greg Klopp.

Esme’s spouse oversees the company’s overall corporate strategy.

According to his LinkedIn profile, David Klopp’s father, Wayne Klopp, created the first Sofas & Chairs business in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Mr. Wayne wished for his company to be more than just a furniture store.

He envisioned it as a place where families could select furniture to suit their needs.

The Klopp family has been doing just that for nearly three decades.

With three sites in Bloomington, Roseville, and Minneapolis, they serve more families than ever before.

According to David and Greg, it means a lot to their father, Wayne, who is still the company’s chairman.

Esme Murphy’s Net Worth and Career

Esme Murphy must have earned a sizable fortune during the course of her long and brilliant career.

The average yearly salary for a news anchor in Minnesota is $60,237, according to ZipRecruiter.

As a result, the WCCO-TV reporter and newscaster must be making around that much.

Esme was born and raised in New York City.


Esme Murphy’ is with a friend. Source: Twitter

She began her career at Chattanooga’s CBS station before transferring to Memphis to work for the ABC affiliate.

She jumped at the opportunity to work at WCCO and hasn’t looked back.

The excellent anchor has won numerous accolades over her career, including Associated Press First Place accolades for investigative, feature, and non-spot news reporting.

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Meet Esme Murphy and David Klopp’s Children.

For nearly two decades, Esme Murphy and David Klopp have been happily married.

The couple exchanged wedding vows on November 28, 1998.

Both her family and her job as a WCCO-TV newscaster are important to her.

She would never have met her husband if it hadn’t been for her job.

Esme initially met her spouse when she interviewed David.

Mr. Klopp was assisting a community organization in the construction of the Cedar Lake Bicycle Trail at the time.

Along the railroad line, condos were to be built. Esme’s husband frequently claims that he secured both the lady and the bike track.

The Murphy-Klopps are also the joyful parents of two children, Harrison (a boy) and Esme (a girl).

They are both in their twenties and have reached adulthood.