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Is Jae Crowder’s Hair Real? How Did He Grow Long Hair?

Jae Crowder, a professional basketball player, is known for his athletic abilities as well as his long, black, and thick dreadlocks knotted in a ponytail, also known as the hipster hairdo. Jae Crowder, born Corey Jae Crowder, is an NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks. In the 2012 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected an excellent basketball player.

With a career spanning decades, the 33-year-old athlete has acquired a sizable fan base.

Many individuals are skeptical that his hair is genuine. In this brief post, you may learn all about Crowder’s hair.

His father is a former professional basketball player who played for the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA.

Corey also mentored his son in his early career.

The big forward for the Milwaukee Bucks attended Villa Rica High School.

Jae Crowder
Jae Crowder with his mother. Source: celticslife

Crower played football and basketball in high school since he has always been interested in sports.

He was a starting quarterback in football and a point guard in basketball.

As a youth, Jae was both overweight and underweight; by junior year, he weighed about 200 pounds.

He ultimately phoned his Father and asked for help with his weight reduction.

After his junior year, he grew to a height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) and considerably improved his physical fitness.

Jae Crowder’s Wife and Child

Jae Crowder has yet to marry. As a result, he is unmarried.

However, the 33-year-old athlete had a long relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Dana Lambert. They started dating in 2012.

Crowder has a daughter, Jada Crowder, with his ex-girlfriend, Dana Lambert.

Jada, the Smitten couple’s first child, was born in late 2013.

After learning of Dana’s adultery, the basketball player allegedly broke his relationship with her.

Dana Lambert was just 22 years old when she fell pregnant with hisdaughter, Jada Crowder.

Crowder is currently unmarried and doing well professionally as of this writing.

We wish the talented athlete a better life.

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Is Jae Crowder’s Hair Real? How Did He Get His Hair to Grow?

The Milwaukee Bucks Jae Crowder’s signature ponytail is real.

The Georgia native revealed his natural hair and expressed his affinity for it in an interview with Bleacher Report.

In the summer of 2013, he chopped an inch or two off his dreads, putting the split hair in a Ziplock container.

After 10 years of collecting, he was already on his fourth huge bag that year.

Jae Crowder
Jae Crowder’s hair is real. Source: sltrib

This isn’t some strange custom. It’s not like the leader was cooking with it or selling it on the black market.

He stated that he wanted to demonstrate the naturalness of his hair.

“I don’t toss it out because people don’t think it’s real,” Crowder explained.

It is, in fact, my hair. After cutting it, I always maintain it.

He also stated that he intends to preserve his hair as a keepsake.

Crowder also revealed that one day he will halt everything and use the bags to show his children as proof that everything was genuine.

Crowder has already become a father. Jada Crowder, his daughter, was born.