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Joey Roppo Is From Dated And Related?

Joey Roppo

Joey Roppo is an American reality television star and model who was recently seen on Netflix’s dating show “Dated and Related.” Joey Roppo In “Dated and Related,” siblings (and one pair of cousins) assist one other in finding love at a magnificent mansion in the South of France. Roppo co-starred in the series with his younger sister, Corinna Roppo.

Following his involvement on the Netflix dating show, the affable model has received a lot of attention.

As a result, viewers may be left wondering how old Joey Roppo is.

Despite the fact that Joey is a protective elder brother, they have been close friends and share everything.

Joey Roppo Wiki: The Reality Star Was A Division II Basketball Player

Joey Roppo was born in Washington in 1994 and resided in Seattle before going to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment and influencer industries.

There is no Wikipedia entry for the actor model.

However, given his ambitions to enter the modeling and acting industries, this is likely to change shortly. He has received offers from a variety of agencies.

The Netflix star had only a few thousand followers before the episode aired, but that figure has already risen to 50k on both Instagram and TikTok.

The dating show candidate was an avid basketball and football player in high school.

He played basketball for the Central Washington University Wildcats as a Division II player.

Aside from sports, he was intellectually gifted and was nominated for the ITAM Boeing Scholarship by one of his teachers.

Dated & Related star Joey Roppo is playing for the Wildcats during University. Source: Wildcat Sports

The former basketball player holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management.

His alma University, Central Washington University, also awarded him a Master’s degree in Athletic Administration.

While earning his master’s degree, he worked as an assistant to the men’s basketball coach.

The former collegiate basketball player left the sport to seek a professional marketing job with Elan Marketing Inc.

He then spent two years as a logistics expert at Black Rhino Marketing.

Prior to the reality show, the actor worked as a customs broker for Expeditors, a logistics company.

Joey R oppo’s Partner: Joey R oppo’s Relationship With Co-Star Julia Perfetto

The 28-year-old has not shared much about his previous partnerships.

The Roppo siblings did, however, admit to having catastrophic love lives.

In the episode, Joey grew close to fellow cast member Julia Perfetto.

The couple appeared to be in good health. Julia, on the other hand, chose another candidate, William, for Prom Night, crushing Joey’s heart.

Joey and Julia afterward attempted to mend their friendship.

However, nothing came of it; instead, they opted to stay friends.

Roppo stood alone in front of the show’s host, Melinda Berry, in the season finale because he couldn’t find love in the villa.

The Roppo siblings, on the other hand, recently hung out with the Perfetto siblings in Los Angeles.

They collaborated on TikToks and were featured on Julia’s YouTube channel.

The on-again, off-again couple shared an Instagram photo and a few TikTok vids.

They also work out together on occasion.

Since the show’s debut, fans have been shipping Roppo and Julia.

However, no suggestions or confirmations have been provided by them.

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Joey R oppo’s Parents Are From Monroe, Washington, According to Netflix

Joey Roppo and his younger sister, Corinna Marie Roppo, were born in Monroe, Snohomish County, to Joe Roppo and Carley Roppo.

The Ropes were raised in a Christian home.

Carkey Roppo, his mother, has a Facebook account but is rarely active on it.

The Roppo siblings, on the other hand, have not revealed anything about their parents.

Joe, the reality star’s father, and Joey have played basketball every weekend since Joey was a child.

Later, when he grew older, the father-son team began playing tennis together.

Joey also has a sister, Mary Lynn Roppo, who works as a Starbucks barista and went to the same high school as her brother.

The “Dated & Related” siblings were originally hesitant and embarrassed about dating and flirting in front of their siblings.

However, as the season progressed, their uneasiness faded.