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Kairo Herrera Is Jessica Zunino Pareja’s Real Name?

Jessica Zunino

Jessica Zunino is a well-known figure in Uruguay’s entertainment business. Jessica Zunino is most recognized for her part in the 2010 mini-series Mistreated. Zunino is a dentist in addition to being an actor and dancer. Aside from a wonderful professional career, the Uruguayan dancer enjoys a lovely love life.

Jessica has been dating Kairo Herrera, a musician, communicator, and actor, for quite some time.

Furthermore, the couple just confirmed their engagement.

The talented dancer’s beau is also a well-known figure in Uruguay.

Herrera is a musician, broadcaster, communicator, and actor.

He formerly promoted the Pilsen Rock Festival in Durazno, Uruguay.

Jessica Zunino and the musician and television show host Kairo Herrera are madly in love. (Image Source: Caras)

For nine years, the Uruguayan communicator directed the Cámara testing program.

Kairo Herrera is a co-host on the shows We adore talent, Dia cero, and La maana en casa.

He also hosts the radio show Viva la Tarde for Radio Sarand.

Furthermore, in Passline, Herrera and colleague communicator, actor, and comic Petru Valensky perform theater.

Kairo Herrera, Jessica Zunino’s boyfriend, competed in the 2020 season of MasterChef Celebrity Uruguay on Channel 10.

Timeline of Jessica Zunino and Kairo Herrera’s Relationship

In late 2022, actress-dancer Jessica Zunino met musician Kairo Herrera at a charity event.

Soon after, the pair fell in love and began dating.

In February, the gorgeous pair got engaged. The couple announced their engagement on Wednesday.

They’ve even decided on a date range for their wedding ceremony.

The lovely couple disclosed their wedding plans in a joint interview with Radio Fenix’s Sarandiando show.

“We don’t know the exact date yet, but we want it to be this year,” Kairo Herrera remarked during the discussion.

Jessica’s boyfriend also said that they have been living together for some time and intend to continue living together.

Jessica Zunino met Kairo Herrero in late 2022 and has been dating since then. (Image Source: EL Observador)

Kairo also revealed that they are gradually assembling items such as furniture and other items that the lovebirds would like to have when they marry and live together.

Jessica’s boyfriend is a gifted guitarist in the band 4Cuervos.

The musician wrote a song about his relationship and dedicated it to his lady love.

He stated it jolted him out of a trance he thought would endure forever.

“It was like lightning,” Kairo added, alluding to his love.

The musician reportedly remarked that his dancing ability is his greatest anxiety for his approaching marriage to Jessica Zunino.

He went on to say that the waltz is part of the celebration that makes him the most nervous.

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Jessica Zunino and Kairo Herrera’s Children

Jessica Zunino has not had any children with Kairo Herrara.

The musician, on the other hand, is a proud father of two children.

He has children with his prior partner, the identity of whom is withheld.

Jessica Zunino and Kairo Herrera Hijos And Family Source:CNN

The former MasterChef Celebrity Uruguay contestant is battling for custody of his small son as well as alimony.

Nonetheless, Jessica Zunino is happily married to singer Kairo Herrera.

The couple is madly in love. We wish the Zunino-Herrera couple a long and happy relationship.