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Story of Sabrina Greenlee’s Acid Attack:

Sabrina Greenlee

This article will discuss Sabrina Greenlee’s acid attack in 2022. Sabrina Greenlee is the mother of Deandre Hopkins, a professional football wide receiver. Hopkins and his mother appear to have a close relationship; she affectionately refers to him as Nuk. Hopkins is a well-known NFL football player who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

His mother is frequently present to cheer him on in his game.

Sabrina Greenlee
Sabrina Greenlee full photo Source: CNN

People now regard the player’s mother as an inspiration after she publicly disclosed her experience with an acid attack.

Story of Sabrina Greenlee’s Acid Attack

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Sabrina Greenlee revealed her experience with an acid attack.

Greenlee was blinded as a result of an acid attack carried out by one of the ladies whose boyfriend was having an affair with Greenlee.

DeAndre Hopkins’ mom overcomes domestic abuse that left her blind. (Source: KHOU)
DeAndre Hopkins’ mom overcomes domestic abuse that left her blind. (Source: KHOU)

She realized what was going on when she was attacked; she spent ten days in a hospital and was in a coma.

She was left to die at the petrol station, and that was a brave thing to do.

The onslaught nearly killed her, and she considered giving up at one point, but she kept strong and supported her kid.

She stated that while in the hospital, she thought this was it and that she would never return to her normal life.

Hopkins was just 10 years old when he was attacked, and the incident occurred in 2002.

Hopkins stated that he had no idea how much his mother was going through.

Sabrina Greenlee, Deandre Hopkins’ mother, disappeared

Deandre Hopkins’ mother is a strong and inspiring woman who lost her vision due to an acid attack.

Despite her inability to see, she never gave up on herself; this was her third domestic violence incident.

Greenlee experienced two incidents of domestic violence while living with a boyfriend.

She didn’t say much about the brutality she faced, but she was on the verge of giving up at the moment.

‘Brave & Beautiful’: The story of DeAndre Hopkins’ mom. (Image Source: FirstSportz)
‘Brave & Beautiful’: The story of DeAndre Hopkins’ mom. (Image Source: FirstSportz)

She also currently manages a non-profit campaign to assist victims of domestic abuse.

Many of them believed in her and stayed with us.

With her experience and the Campaign, she has been able to assist and inspire countless women.

When she was attacked, it was difficult for her to care for her children.

She is now grateful that she did not give up and was able to spend time with them.

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Along with his mother, Greenlee, he expressed how difficult it was to not have his mother’s presence and presence in any games.

But now, she’s constantly present in his game to support him, and it’s nice to have his mother’s backing.