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Ade Edmondson Leg Injury Update:

Ade Edmondson

Ade Edmondson has been entertaining audiences for nearly four decades as an actor, comedian, musician, and writer. Ade Edmondson rose to prominence in the 1980s as a pioneer of alternative comedy, starring in cult favorites such as The Young Ones, The Comic Strip Presents, and Bottom.

In plays such as War and Peace, Holby City, and Bancroft, he has demonstrated his breadth and depth.

The founder and frontman of the folk punk band The Bad Shepherds is a well-known comedian.

In today’s piece, we’ll look at his leg accident as well as his disease and health.

Update on Ade Edmondson’s Leg Accident

Edmondson did not have any leg or other accidents.

Ade, on the other hand, had a run-in with danger and disgrace when he opted to clean his windows on a holiday weekend in May 2021.

The comedian climbed out of his window onto a ledge in the hopes of making his window panes glitter.

But he quickly realized he had made a big mistake.

He was stuck on the ledge, unable to return inside.

He searched about for someone who could assist him.

He noticed a passerby and called his attention to him.

The event astonished and amused the bystander, who recognized the famous star.

Ade Edmondson accidentally trapped himself on a ledge while cleaning his windows in May 2021. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

He summoned the fire department, which arrived shortly thereafter.

By this time, a small interested audience had gathered, enjoying the sight of seeing a star in difficulty.

The firefighters were polite and professional, but they couldn’t help but grin as they helped Ade out of his position.

Ade was relieved and thankful, but also ashamed by the ordeal.

He later tweeted about his experience, saying that it seemed like something his character in “Bottom” would do.

He also inquired about his followers’ bank holidays, expecting to hear some more upbeat anecdotes.

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2023 Ade Edmondson Illness And Health

Ade Edmondson is free of disease or health problems.

He also appears to be doing well, as he has recently worked on a variety of projects.

However, in early 2022, the comic revealed that he had lived his entire life with suicide ideas.

The comedian discussed it in his autobiographical essay “Signs of Life,” which he wrote for BBC Radio 3’s The Essay.

Ade Edmondson described being put on tranquilizers by a university doctor after attempting suicide on his motorcycle following the end of a marriage.

Ade Edmondson said he lived his whole life with suicidal thoughts. (Image Source: The Guardian)

As he became more successful as a comic, he said he began to accept his suicide impulses as normal.

After a few decades, the actor revealed his feelings to his wife, Jennifer Saunders.

She tried everything she could to persuade him to seek assistance, but the comic was only convinced after a handful of his close pals committed suicide.

Edmondson stated that he was aware of how harmful these measures were to those who stayed.

“They shatter so many people,” he continued, “and I decided never to inflict that much suffering.”

Choosing not to commit suicide changes your life.”