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Meet Cassidy Murray’s Parents, Linda And Dave Murray

Cassidy Murray

Cassidy Murray was killed in an Aruba boating accident in March 2022. Linda and Dave Murray, her parents, told the account of the tragic occurrence that took their daughter’s life.

The 13-year-old was killed in an unintentional freak accident while kayaking in Aruba.

She was on vacation in the Caribbean with her family. Unfortunately, the vacation proved fatal for the Massachusetts girl.

Her parents are working to raise awareness about waterfront safety and are collaborating

with Aruba officials to prevent others from suffering the same fate as their daughter.

Aruba Boating Accident Involving Cassidy Murray

Cassidy Murray Aruba’s boating accident occurred in March 2022 and claimed the life of a 13-year-old girl.

Murray, a girl from Milton, Massachusetts, perished in a watercraft accident while on vacation with her family in the Caribbean Sea on Aruba.

When the 13-year-old was ejected into the water while tubing, the boat driver lost control and struck her.

Cassidy was wearing a life jacket and could have been saved if the boat hadn’t hit her.

Cassidy Murray was killed in a boating accident in Aruba in March 2013.

Cassidy Murray
Cassidy death news source: Youtube

The parents were given a report that stated Cassidy’s death was an accident with no fault or recklessness involved.

They do not believe it was an accident, however.

Linda, Cassidy’s mother, stated that her daughter died as a result of the boat driver’s irresponsibility.

Cassidy Murray attended Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when she was in seventh grade.

Murray’s family issued a statement announcing the 13-year-old’s death.

Cassidy was described as “a beautiful spirit, genuinely kind-hearted, with a bright mind and joyful zest,” according to the statement.

Obituary for Cassie Murray

Cassie Murray’s school also issued a statement regarding the death of one of their favorite kids.

Cassidy had the rare skill of unifying her pupils with her smile and kindness, according to Jennifer Pierce, principal of Buckingham Browne & Nichols School.

Pierce went on to say that he was well-known for her sense of humour and companionship.

Murray attended Pierce Middle School before enrolling at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School.

Her brother, Adam, who was in 10th grade at BBNS, suggested she enroll.

She participated in gymnastics and hockey at school. She was of Irish descent and was proud of her heritage.

Her classmates claimed she created a Claddagh-ring cup and a Celtic-cross plate in ceramics class.

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Cassidy Murray is a woman. Parents Dave Murray and Linda Murray

Cassidy Murray
Cassidy happy with her dog before her death source : Youtube

Linda and Dave Murray are Cassidy Murray’s parents.

Cassidy and her older brother, Adam, are the children of the couple.

The Murrays discussed boosting water safety awareness.

Linda, Cassidy’s mother, stated that they were unaware of the dangers and the implications.

She and her husband work with Aruba officials to raise awareness and prevent another family from experiencing tragedy.

Linda also stated that their daughter, Cassidy, died unnecessarily.

The parents pushed Aruba officials to institute a new safety strategy, including the addition of a second employee to act as a boat spotter.

Following the tragic tragedy, a couple of GoFundMe campaigns were launched to aid Cassidy’s parents, Linda and Dave Murray.

The fundraisers raised a total of $133K, with contributions coming in from all across the world.