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Net Worth and Salary

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Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen

Who is Amanda Owen?

Amanda Owen is the Yorkshire shepherdess. Amanda Owen is also a best-selling author of novels based on her life and exploits. Owen is also a photographer and a social media influencer. She has managed to juggle her passionate life with her nine children. The farmer is most renowned for her way of life in one of the country’s most beautiful and secluded places. She believes in the traditional way of life and inspires her followers.

Owen is a self-made lady whose success is founded on her abilities in the profession.

Her stories follow the reader on her quest to become a “townie.”

Her renown, however, was not limited to the publication of her novels.

People have seen her earlier when she appeared on television programs.

Owen’s art has also been featured in documentaries and on famous television programs.

Amanda Owen- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Amanda Owen was born in Huddersfield in September 1974.

She has not revealed the identities of her parents, but she has said that her father is a huge guy throughout her appearances on the program.

Similarly, her father is supposed to have been an engineer and her mother a model.

However, no information is available about her siblings.

According to her website, she used to read James Herriot’s novels.

Later, she discovered a book on hill shepherding that transformed her life.

She then left her hometown of Huddersfield to pursue her agricultural passion.

She rose to prominence in an unexpected manner.

We’ve heard tales of people’s successes and failures.

Unlike others, Owen’s path to stardom was quite easy.

She used to sit on her farm with a cup of Yorkshire brew, watching walkers go past.

Suddenly, she was approached about making a film and then asked to write a book on her experiences.

Amanda, the mother of the earth, has encouraged millions to live a life different than what is expected today.

Owen is the only member of her maiden line that makes a living from farming.

Even if we don’t know her parents’ identities, we can guarantee them that they were not farmers.

Owen was born to an engineer father and a model mother.

Aside from them, there is no information on whether she has any additional siblings.

She has not mentioned them on any of her social media accounts.

Net Worth of Amanda Owen? Salary, Earning

We don’t know the specific details of her profits, but we do know she makes a lot of money from her many farm-related activities.

It is believed that Amanda Owen has a net worth of roughly $1.5 million.

Facts of Amanda Owen

Name Amanda Owen
Nickname Amanda
Gender Female
Profession English Shepherdess, Author, Presenter
Height 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 63 Kgs
Body Size Not Known
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Date of Birth September 1974
Age 47 Years
Zodiac Sign Virgo
School Local High School
College and University Unknown
Education Qualification Not known
Degree Not known
Religion Christian
Ethnicity British- White
Cast Owen
Address Yorkshire, England
Marital Status Married
Spouse name Clive Owen
Children name -Raven Elly Livingstone – Owen
-Reuben Livingstone – Owen
-Miles Livingstone – Owen
-Edith Livingstone – Owen
-Violet Ingrid Livingstone – Owen
-Sidney Ingram Livingstone – Owen
-Annas Livingstone – Owen
-Clementine Delores Livingstone – Owen
-Nancy Grace Livingstone – Owen
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Pet Not Known
Net Worth $1.5 million

Amanda Owen – Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

The shepherdess, 47, has been married to Clive Owen for over 22 years.

Amanda is Owen’s second wife, and he has a daughter from his first marriage.

Both spouses are farmers with the same ambition. In addition, they are joined on their voyage by nine more youngsters.

Owen’s family is enormous if we include all of the animals that they care for.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

Information about Amanda Owen’s body measurement is unavailable.

Professional Career

For Owens, the road to celebrity started a decade ago.

Her debut appearance in the documentary series The Dales occurred in 2011.

The series will be replayed on the channel Together TV in 2021.

She appeared on an episode of New Lives in the Wild UK four years after their initial appearance.

Similarly, Owen has been featured on many series for just a few episodes, guiding viewers through her life.

Her novels, in addition to her TV appearances, were a big event for her fans.

She has a large number of followers on her social media platforms since she is quite active on them.

In 2014, she published her debut novel, “The Yorkshire Shepherdess,” which rapidly became a best-seller.

After being named Yorkshirewoman of the Year by the Dalesman magazine, she wrote A Year in the Life of The Yorkshire Shepherdess in 2016.

The Adventures of The Yorkshire Shepherdess were released in 2019 and quickly became a best-seller.

Despite having previously released five novels, she is currently working on writing another one for her fans.

Her rich inheritance is questioned in the program Our Yorkshire Farm.

Books Amanda Owen: Best Selling Author

The author has authored five novels in all, but the most astounding truth is that she never wanted to be a writer.

Her sole desire since she was a child was to live on a farm. She was popular, but she chose not to pursue it.

The offers to publish a book came as she was drinking coffee and watching one of the walkers pass through the property.

It should be mentioned that Owen enjoyed reading James Herriot’s writings as a youngster and was motivated to pursue the present lifestyle through one of his books.

Amanda Owen
Amanda Owen is also a popular writer. Source: Yorkshire Live

It’s no surprise she was a fan and followed in his footsteps.

Her most recent book, Seasons, was a celebration of the seasons.

Her other publications include The Yorkshire Shepherdess, A Year in the Life of th

e Yorkshire Shepherdess, Yorkshire Shepherdess Adventures, and Tales From the Farm.

Furthermore, all of her works are nonfiction tales based on her own experiences.

She has taught her readers to be survivors and to paint a picture of rural life.

If you want to live in a large yard with a lot of farm animals and need some ideas, go ahead and acquire her books for wisdom and advice.

Social Media Status

The shepherdess has made it pleasant and desirable to live in nature away from the digitalized metropolitan region.

The author also provided her ideas and tactics for living such a life.

The three-time bestselling author has earned enormous recognition as a result of their appearances on television programs and their writing abilities.

If you want to follow her on Instagram, she’s @yorkshireshepherdess.

Without a doubt, her Instagram account has been confirmed.

Owen seems to be quite active on her social media channels since her Twitter account is verified and has a large number of engaged followers.

Similarly, Owen has over 500k Instagram followers with just 264 persons she follows.

Amanda’s account has received over 1900 posts.

Her Instagram account is a sight to see.

The majority of the photos she posts are of her children, farms, and animals.

If you love nature, check out her profile for some breathtaking images.

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Quick Facts of Amanda Owen

  • Amanda Owen is the shepherdess of Yorkshire.
  • The 47-year-old shepherdess has been married to Clive Owen for almost 22 years.
  • It is estimated that the Shepherdess has around $1.5 million on her account as net worth.
  • Overall the author has written five books but the amazing fact is she never intended to become a writer.
  • The only dream that she had since she was young was to live on the farm.