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Who Is A Oluwatosin Mmobuosi’s Wife Dozy Mmobuosi?

Dozy Mmobuosi

Dozy Mmobuosi is a technology entrepreneur, and people want to know more about his wife. Dozy is an advocate for social and technological development in Africa and beyond.

He is the founder and CEO of two well-known US companies:

Tingo International Holdings, Inc. (TIH), an investment firm specializing in locating and making targeted acquisitions in the technology industry,

and Tingo, Inc., Africa’s leading Agri-Fintech company.

Dozy earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Master of Science in Economics from Ambrose Alli University in Nigeria.

He also received a Ph.D. in rural progress from the University of Putra Malaysia.

In March 2022, he finished the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme at the Sad Business School, University of Oxford.

Dozy Mmobuosi
Dozy giving speech source: Youtube

Dozy Mmobuosi’s Wife? Get to Know His Family

Dozy appears to be a little guarded about his personal details, such as Dozy Mmobuosi Wife, since the businessman has not shared much about them.

We do know that Dozy is happily married to his wife, A Oluwatosin Mmobuosi,

but there isn’t much information on Dozy’s wife on the internet.

Similarly, there is no information on Dozy’s children on the internet, indicating that the pair has not yet decided to have one.

Dozy Mmobuosi
Dozy with his wife source: NewsWireNGR

Nonetheless, their children’s identities may be concealed for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, little information on Dozy’s parents was discovered because the billionaire

has not released much information about them as of the time of writing this article.

Dozy Mmobuosi Net Worth

Dozy Mmobuosi’s net worth is estimated to be $6 billion as of 2023, according to several sources.

Tingo Mobile PLC was founded in 2001 by Dozy, who has substantial international experience in China,

the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Dozy has advised several big firms on their strategy and business plans for entering new international markets.

He also handled Tingo’s remarkable operational growth across three continents.

Dozy Mmobuosi’s Foundation assists Nigerians.

Dozy is devoted to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which stress social improvement.

Tingo’s core idea is to give Africa the opportunity to be the focal point of efforts to address some of these pressing concerns.

Dozy launched the Dozy Mmobuosi Foundation in December 2021 to aid Africans in a variety of fields,

including education, healthcare, technological advancement, and social empowerment, by solving the continent’s key structural concerns.

Mmobuosi Mmobuosi Mmobuosi Mmo Sheffield United could soon be acquired by Nigerian billionaire Dozy Mmobuosi for a fee of £90 million.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, tried unsuccessfully to acquire Arsenal a few years ago,

thus this will be the second time a famous Nigerian has been linked to the purchase of an English football club.

Despite a transfer ban imposed on them last month owing to financial issues, the Blades are aiming for Premier League promotion this season.

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Mmobuosi Dozy Club

Dozy has put money in the organization in order to enhance the Blades’ financial situation.

Mmobuosi, a Nigerian internet entrepreneur whose company Tingo is worth more than £7 billion, is purportedly going to address their problems.

They claim that the embargo was enforced as a result of the Blades’ failure to make timely acquisition payments,

and that it prevents them from acquiring a player for the next 18 months or until they get promoted.

One of the players who earned money during this period was Rhian Brewster, a forward who cost Liverpool $23.5 million when

he signed with them in October 2020 but has fallen short of both his price tag and expectations.